You didn’t build that

So, the mask slips evermore.

While watching this for the first time, I was reflexively waiting for some ever so minor resistance from the crowd, maybe a slight hesitant silence, a strained clapping, a guffaw. Something at the very least that would break Obama’s stride. Then I snapped out of my temporal naivety, like all modern democratic media this was totalitarian and it hated the organic and spontaneous. Everything carefully managed and controlled. Much like a laboratory with scrubbed stainless steel, polished glass and cold klieg lights.  The rent-a-crowd applauded and perform their agitprop duty.

“If you’ve gota business — you didn’t build that, Somebody else made that happen.”

Obama is right in his own demented way. Because in Obama’s world the individual has no particular value. Businesses are private property, hence are an extension of the private individual. By confusing the demarcated lines between who own what, Obama the great one, wishes to dissolve us into the collective. There’s only society, the proletariat, the Average American, never A Man. Apparently, we all owe something to some abstract nebulous group. Of course, if you object to all this shameful sentimental extortion there’s always a bureaucracy to set you straight.

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6 Responses to You didn’t build that

  1. Milan says:

    Sounds familiar? For all of us who were forced to learn the Marxism-Leninism the hard way it is all too clear what kind of a game is being hustled here. On page one of their playbook:
    1. Divide and conquer
    2. Eliminate the opposition by any means
    3. Establish a class-warfare
    4. Go after the business and independent class-suckle them dry, and then tax them out of existence
    5. Control the judiciary and begin the “kangaroo” trials with the above and whoever comes across their way (this too is coming)
    6. Solidify the permanent underclass-the proletariat to become a blunt instrument of power

  2. Antisthenes says:

    Very good. You’ll get a pass in Marx-Leninism, comrade. Are you in CSM already?

    Our beloved teacher Lenin wrote somewhere – “The way to crush the bourgeosie is to grind them between the millstones of taxation and inflation”, and got it right. It worked and still works.

    It seems that neither US, Europe nor Australia have sufficiently numerous underclass, so it must be imported. This also helps with your point 1.

  3. Milan says:

    Now, you’ve got my juices going…

  4. Cilenie says:

    Obama is now saying: I did say that! What a fraud that fellow is!

  5. eventual says:

    No, Obama did.

  6. Toranick says:

    Obama the Great Destroyer

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