Free stuff and all that jazz

Milan Skarka

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has a new mission statement: Food Stamps Make America Stronger. Now, in cooperation with Mexico, the free food stamps are fast becoming an international currency and a form of foreign aid. The new legal or illegal migrants are being sold the bill of goods, literally. The USDA advertises and publishes the Food Stamps Q&A pamphlets in Spanish. Some of the questions are: I am not a U.S. citizen. Can I get food stamps? Can my children?

This regime has nearly doubled the number of the food stamps recipients. One in seven Americans is now receiving it. It is fast becoming an epidemic and the run on the U.S. Treasury. Since the Treasury is empty, who is really going to pay for this latest expansion of the Government? This program represents but one prong in the frontal attack on freedoms and liberty in this Republic by the Obama administration. The projected cost of the food stamps program is between 800 billions and a trillion dollars over the next decade. So much for the free stuff.

Great! So is this the brave new world? Government prosperity? It is frightening how close George Orwell came to predicting the future world in his novel 1984, where the fictional future government insisted that War is peace, Freedom is slavery and Ignorance is strength. So crass dose of authenticity is rarely more fitting than in this case. The expansion of the Food Stamp program is yet another giant step on the road to serfdom; the road that is becoming well traveled by the Obama administration – this regime.

For those of us who were forced to learn the dialectic Marxist-Leninist diatribes against humanity the hardway, it is all too clear what kind of a game is being hustled here. On page one of the Marxist playbook:

1. Divide and conquer

2. Eliminate the opposition by any means

3. Establish a class conflict

4. Go after the business and independent classes – suck them dry, and then tax them out of existence

5. Use anarchism to establish syndicalism (Occupy movement)

6. Control judiciary and begin kangaroo trials of “the enemies” of the people (coming soon)

7. Solidify the permanent underclass – the proletariat is to become a blunt instrument of power

Of course, I would not want to overlook the significant role of our useful idiots. Unfortunately, this is only beginning.

From our Washington corespondent


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9 Responses to Free stuff and all that jazz

  1. Blackhat says:

    So what we do? Refuse the welfare?

  2. Milan says:

    This question is a crime against common sense. As a thriving survival of a socialist/communist slavery I am continually amazed at the ubiquitous affinity for self-destruction of the people. We want the government to guarantee our health, deflect hurricanes, educate our children and license us to drive; we want to be told what to eat, what to smoke and who to marry. We are justly proud of the fact that no enduring society has ever incarcerated more of its people. Noting that a policeman has a pistol, a club, a stun gun, a can of pepper spray and a database that includes us, we feel happy and secured.

    Our submission is evident. We want to be operated like puppets and provide for like pets.

    The terrorists hate our freedom. But we should be comfortable with that. We hate our freedom too.

  3. Globo says:

    I think you missed the point, Milan. Have you ever refused the government “handout”? If you were unemployed, would you rather starve than take the money? Let your children starve? Perhaps you would, but 99% would not. When it is a question of choosing between the principles and hunger, the principles loose.

    Otherwise – the people do not hate ‘freedom'; they just deeply dislike the responsibility which goes with that. Can you offer any solution?

  4. Milan says:

    As far as I can remember I have always paid into and never taken anything out of…however, I may not be your typical “victim” needing handouts…and could not do it w/o roads and bridges someone else built…as our fearless leader claims: I did not do it.

  5. Milan says:

    To have “liberties” w/o corresponding personal responsibility would be profligate and leads to a chaotic disorder. It would be irrational. One cannot like or use one side of the coin exclusively. However, this is just my opinion.

  6. Blackhat says:

    Not everyone on welfare is a “victim” in inverted commas. I hope you never get into some serious trouble, Milan.

  7. Milan says:

    Welfare? There are countless charities; churches and such that combine into a safety net civilized societies should adhere to. Whatever helps for the truly needy is distributed by private organizations much more efficiently. Government skims, fouls-up and otherwise distorts the whole charity business. Their business is to stay in business and that means make more needy-facts support this conclusion

  8. Globo says:

    Mark Steyn: “Americans love Big Government as much as Europeans,” one chap told me. “The only difference is that Americans refuse to admit it.” He attributed this to our national myth-making — “I’m proud to be an American, where at least I know I’m free.” Maybe they should change it to “at least I know it’s free.” In 1979, 7 percent of Americans received means-tested government benefits; by 2009, it was over 30 percent. In 2000, 17 million Americans were on food stamps; today, it’s 46 million. In the last three years, 2.6 million Americans have signed on with new employers, but 3.1 million have signed on for disability checks. In little more than a generation, dependency has metastasized in America. Workplace death and accident rates have fallen by 40 percent since the Sixties, but apparently the safer the American work environment gets the more people are disabled by it.

  9. Milan says:

    You’ll get no argument from me here. However, as a hapless optimist I think that there is some hope. Whether it will come through evolution or revolution remains to be seen…as long as we’re alive-anything is possible.

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