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Welcome to paradise

…from the quill of Antisthenes the Younger We do not publish advertisements on Fog of Chaos, though with our costs rising due to Gillard/Brown CO2 tax, we shortly may have to. For a practice, we publish the following one, obviously … Continue reading

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The Gifts of God

…from the quills of the dead white poets  George Herbert (1593 – 1633)  When God at first made Man Having a glass of blessing standing by; ‘Let us,’ said He, ‘pour on him all we can: Let the world’s riches, … Continue reading

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Marxismus II

T.G.Masaryk:- Marxismus je podle pozdní Marxovy formulace kolektivistický, protiindividualistický; anarchismus je individualistický. Marxismus je krajně objektivistický, anarchismus je často subjektivistický. Marxismus podřizuje individuum deterministicky historickému vývoji, anarchisté kladou váhu na svobodu ve smyslu co možná nepodmíněném. Od Engelse je známý … Continue reading

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july memories / 13

NOTHING NEW UNDER THE SUN (ALMOST) 13th July, 1934 : A mild-mannered former chicken farmer with a streak of sadism has been appointed overlord of Nazi Germany’s notorious concentration camps. He is Heinrich Himmler, 33-year-old chief of Hitler’s black uniformed … Continue reading

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Finkelstein’s final solution

 …from the quill of Antisthenes the Younger From the time immemorial inconvenient speech has been a problem for those wishing to rule. Totalitarians of all persuasions, socialists both national and international, befuddled adherents of misunderstood religions, and recently semi-educated environmentalists … Continue reading

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How not to win friends and still influence people

Ludwig von Gress The interest of the world Gleichschaltung media waxes and vanes; sometimes it is laziness, sometimes moon phases, sometimes ennui and sometimes a directive from the Socialist International. At the moment Damascus is approaching its Last Quarter, and … Continue reading

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Health Services Union unhealthy behaviour

…from the quill of Antisthenes the Younger It is extraordinary how some people can act against their own interests and health. No, I do not mean citizens voting for the pink and green parties, nor the trade union officials, who … Continue reading

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Me and my dog

…from the quills of the dead white poets  Anonymous Australian (c. the last depression) Me and my dog have tramped together in cold weather and hot. Me and my dog don’t care whether we get any work or not.

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july memories / 07

NOTHING NEW UNDER THE SUN (ALMOST) 7th July, 1927 : It is clear that many people have already made up their minds as to the guilt of two policemen accused of murdering natives. Constables Graham St Jack and Denis Regan … Continue reading

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Kázání v kapli Betlémské

Pavel Jacko  Oslavuje se dnes v České republice upálení Jana Husa a i když mnoho vzdělanějších lidí ví, že Hus nebyl zas tak dobrý vzor ve všem, berme ho, pro tentokrát, podle čítanek. Tak moc těch hrdinů nemáme. Ještě kdysi … Continue reading

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Národ sobě

  Pavel Jacko Česká republika oslavuje příchod Cyrila a Metoděje (pátého) a upálení Jana Husa (šestého) tohoto měsíce. Inu, proti gustu žádný dišputát, jinak také de gustibus non disputandum est. Bohužel, z křesťanství, ať již z jihovýchodu či západu přinešeného, … Continue reading

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Invincible Ignorance

I can’t remember where I found this, but it is a perceptive quote by Chomsky, though I find Chomsky noxious I think he is more right than he realizes: “So we had the usual kind of debate going on, which … Continue reading

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End of the era

…from the quill of Antisthenes the Younger Astonishing docility of Australian public in the face of the green/gillard legislation designed to destroy the still relatively free economy, abolish the remnants of free speech and increase the role of the government … Continue reading

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july memories / 03

NOTHING NEW UNDER THE SUN (ALMOST) 3rd July, 1922 : About forty per cent of Aborigines in the Government compound in Darwin are infected with hookworm, according to a report from the chief health officer for the area. He says … Continue reading

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Liberty and Government

Milan Skarka A long awaited decision came down from the Mount DC to codify creation of the nationalized health care system. It was a strange, out of body experience for many conservatively thinking citizens. The Affordable Health Care scheme that … Continue reading

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Goodbye, America

…from the quill of the white poet   A poem, written by a (formerly Soviet, now American) citizen. He expresses thoughts & feelings of millions of Americans who were born in Eastern Europe and other countries around the world where socialism was … Continue reading

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