American Election – 2012

Milan Skarka

Election – 2012 (a concession questionnaire)

All the political persuasion in the world is useless for this reason: those who will read and understand the significance of the election reality at stake are already convinced of its truth and need no further urging to loathe Obama; the rest will either refuse to read it or will reject its message. In short, no ones mind will be changed: those who hate Obama will continue to hate him; those who think he really does representhope and changewill continue to admire him. Political opinions, like religion, are generally immutable.Very few people change their opinions over the course of their life. It may, however, be of some significance that the small minority who do radically alter their opinions generally move from the left to the right; which is, perhaps, a powerful indication that reason does indeed lie on our side and not with the left. One rarely hears of a conservative becoming a liberal (though it does happen), but there are a few leftists who have become conservatives, the most famous perhaps being David Horowitz.

In a likely case that the regime wins the election in November, I want to get on the record with these questions before the questioning of even the elementary purpose becomes unbecoming and uncomfortable by fiat:

1.Do I want to be free or do I want to be feeling happy, ignorant and useless?

2.If we acknowledge that Freedom is slavery and Ignorance is strength so what would be the purpose of being free?

3. Is the role of humanity to consume, procreate and pass on? Just a chemical reaction with biological nuances or is there something more, something that humanity was attempting to answer and determine for eons?

4. Does anyone have a “soul” or some sort of immortal potential (whatever the nomenclature) or is a brain and all the memories within just the electrical impulse(s) without a meaningful interaction which begs the question – what is the meaning of it all anyway?

Is man indeed naught but a collection of animated chemicals that thinks, and pleasure is – and can be – his only motivating force? Is all that we do we do for pleasure: even our most altruistic acts for the sake of the satisfaction they bring us of having done good?

Therefore, is the real question whether being free or being easy in mind and body brings more pleasure: are we happier being free or being ignorant and well-fed? Are these questions each man must answer for himself?

I think we can count on an Obama victory in November. We can only hope that both houses of Congress become overwhelmingly Republican. The gridlock that would follow may be the most hopeful outcome that would slow down Government expansion.

If it’s the facts we’re looking for – sciences will suffice. If it’s the truth we desire – philosophy may do the trick. Still, the Truth shall set ye free–at least mentally, if not in reality (veritas vos liberabit).

Put this in your pipe and smoke it.

From our Washington corespondent

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3 Responses to American Election – 2012

  1. Maximus says:

    Rather depressing way of looking at the mess, Milan. Will Obama win by normal means, or will have to he resort to some “emergency powers”? Would it lead to some major civil disturbances? Or are Americans bored and do not care?

  2. ex-galaxy ace says:

    Pretty great post.

  3. Farshark says:

    Not even a “proper” gridlock, Milan. Americans answered your questions.

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