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5th September, 1972 : At dawn today a band of Black September Arab guerrillas broke into the Israeli building in the Olympic Village near Munich where 10,000 athletes are staying. Over 250 plain-clothes police had been brought into the village, following a tip-off of trouble ahead, but none of them saw the Arabs scale the fence. They burst into the Israeli building with sub-machine guns blazing at 5.10 a.m. Moshe Weinberg, aged 33, a wrestling coach, was killed instantly. Yosef Romano, a weight-lifter, was mortally wounded as he held the door shut while two of his team-mates escaped through the window. Another 15 also escaped through windows and side doors. Ten were taken hostage, but one of them, Gad Tsabari, suddenly made a dash for freedom. He wove in and out, dodging bullets. Within hours the Olympic Village was surrounded by 12,000 police.

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