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10th September, 1920 : The Indian National Congress today voted to adopt Mr Gandhi’s programme of non-cooperation with the Indian Government. In a long statement he listed those measures which he assured his party would obtain a “complete responsible government” for India in a year. Among these measures were the renunciation of titles and honorary offices, the boycott of legislative councils, the boycott of foreign goods, and gradual withdrawal of children from the Government schools and lawyers from practice. Mr Gandhi said the only weapon in their hands was non-cooperation and non-violence should be their creed.

[George Orwell in his essay Reflection on Gandhi wrote: “He believed in ‘arousing the world’, which is only possible if the world gets a chance to hear what you are doing. It is difficult to see how Gandhi’s methods could be applied in a country where opponents of the regime disappear in the middle of the night and are never heard of again. Without a free press and the right of assembly it is impossible, not merely to appeal to outside opinion, but to bring a mass movement into being, or even to make your intentions known to your adversary.”]

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