Another Brick in the Wall

Another educational experience for the public has arisen. On full display is the media’s culpability in the political mechanization of Canberra. I’m reminded of the yellow journalism of the early 20th century. The media’s inquiry is such; did Tony Abbott punch a wall near a womans head 30 or so odd years ago? All the energy of the Fairfax media has for at least this week been reserved for this purpose, to re frame Abbott in an misogynistic light. All the better to contrast with Julia Gillard, Australia’s first female prime minister. Maybe Abbott did punch the wall around Barbara Ramjan’s head. Maybe he didn’t. Who cares. What’s more important is the context of the media’s behavior in trying to strain an already thin and unsubstantiated story into a narrative for public consumption. There are shades of Edward Louis Bernays‘s public relation techniques here, or for a more modern version, Absolute Power staring Stephen Fry. Why do Journalist’s, Fairfax more specifically,  proceed  with a story that only make them look stupid and amateurish? It is that they are trying very deliberately to influence the political process. I mean all journalism influences politics at some level. But there’s a difference between a revelatory story, the legitimate money earning economic activity that journalists produce  and sermonizing. We are being treated to the later. Tony Abbott apparently is a misogynist. Are you a young women? Don’t vote for Abbott he’ll take your abortions away form you. That is the narrative. The political implications is that many journalists will lose access to government information come an Abbott government. As in they will actually have to do some real investigative work, instead of being handed talking points and documents by politicians and senior bureaucrats.

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