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18th September, 1911 : Russia’s hardline Premier, Peter Stolypin, died today, having been shot while at the Kiev opera last week. Well known for his ruthless and uncompromising ways, Stolypin, who was 49, had made many enemies and had been a target before for assassination. During an interval he had risen from his seat in the first row of the stalls and stood facing the audience. The assassin, Mordkha Bogrov, entered the hall wearing evening clothes, walked down the aisle and fired two shots at close range into Stolypin’s liver and spine from a Browning revolver. Police grabbed him and prevented him from being lynched by the angry crowd. He shooting was watched by Czar Nicholas II and two of his daughters who were sitting in a box overlooking the stage.

Bogrov is both a socialist lawyer and a police informer. Bogrov is also a Jew and there is unease about the possibility of a retaliatory pogrom.

[Stolypin’s reforms, especially the agrarian ones, would, if seriously implemented, take most of the wind out of the socialists’ sails]

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