Managing Public Opinion

If you haven’t already read my previous posts (links below), concerning the government-media industrial complex, it is probably worth your time. It will also provide that particular frame of mind necessary to comprehend what I’m about to show.

Labor: Losing its religion:

The media’s role in this should be clear by now. Officially we are told the media is to scrutinise government. Unofficially, the mainstream media is complicit in the construction of government stories, visions, myths whatever. The media is able to alter the world through its ability to either expose government lies or cover them up. We see this with the pathetic journalism of Peter van Olsen, who refuses to expose the Gillard/Gordon & Slater corruption right under his eyes. This explains why certain stories never here the light of day. The some stories compromise the official narrative of government and its cosy power-sharing arrangement with media. Media and Journalism are ultimately fights over how the narrative will be shaped/manipulated. The Canberra press gallery are to some extent actually government spokes persons, selling the gospel message. Andrew Bolt and his posse have started so many grass fires of controversy that labor and its media defenders are having a difficult time re-establishing the labor government story. Hence the Gillard government has lost control. It doesn’t know what vision it is fighting for any more.

Another Brick in the Wall

There are shades of Edward Louis Bernays‘s public relation techniques here, or for a more modern version, Absolute Power staring Stephen Fry. Why do Journalist’s, Fairfax more specifically,  proceed  with a story that only make them look stupid and amateurish? It is that they are trying very deliberately to influence the political process. I mean all journalism influences politics at some level. But there’s a difference between a revelatory story, the legitimate money earning economic activity that journalists produce  and sermonizing. We are being treated to the later. Tony Abbott apparently is a misogynist. Are you a young women? Don’t vote for Abbott he’ll take your abortions away form you. That is the narrative.

And here, patient readers of Fog of Chaos is the pièce de résistance – Spin, by Brian Springer. I found this diamond amongst the rough some time ago. I’m surprised it hasn’t had more exposure. If this were to be shown in local cinemas around the nation, the political establishment’s credibility would simply immolate like Thermite. But before you click start on the clip below, it is possible, no, actually quite probable that fatal cynicism will overcome you.  Therefore I suggest Alcohol. My preference is a six-pack (that’s a 6 beer bottle carton for foreigners) of a good heavy malt beer.

You thought Yes, Minister was a comedy.  The whole establishment think you’re stupid and more importantly they are certain your complacent.

More from our own Rudd below.

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