We don’t need no Education

We are all getting dumber.

For those of you who resist such an idea, it would surprise you that the literacy level in the early 19th century was far higher than today. Or that young children read Jane Austen, Conan Doyle, or Dickens immediately. There were no children’s books in the way we think of them today. For all its imaginative merits The Cat in the Hat would be considered very primitive by 19th century standards.

Unsurprisingly, the idea of mass government education was first a French revolutionary idea, but from there on by any objective measure it has been a failure. Worse still and in a disturbing similarity to seminaries, governments deliberately rewrite history, showing themselves as the saviors of the day in their own class rooms. For instance World War 2 is not what you think, nor the American civil war. Control of theĀ  historicalĀ  narrative is what ferments a revolutionary confrontation between the indoctrinated children and the previous generation, the parents. Each revolution ushers in a more idealistic government with more grand messianic programs.

Stefan Molyneux is probably one of the best modern day philosophers for any young people looking for a practical application of philosophy to life. In the youtube clip below he discusses the sham of public government education.

I should also mention John T. Gatto’s The Underground History of American Education is fairly exhaustive and detailed on the creep of government not just into education but literally into the family unit.

Still don’t believe me. Here’s Charlotte Iserbyt, a former education bureaucrat who spent time behind enemy lines.

Here is a fuller interview:

How could I leave you hanging without Pink Floyd

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