The Roll of Shame

..from the quill of Antisthenes the Younger

List of companies, which joined the ‘lynch Alan Jones’ mob:

UPDATE (unfortunatelly)

Booktopia, NIB, Pestrol, QBE, BoysTown,

Anglican Retirement Villages, Chemists’ Own,

Oporto, Guardian Funerals, Foxtel, McDonalds,

NRMA, Mazda, Harvey Norman, Woolworths,

Coles, Big W, Bing Lee, Challenger, Dilmah,

Mercedes Benz, Freedom Furniture, Telstra 24/7,

Lexus Parramatta, Commonwealth Bank Women in Focus,

Australian International Motor Show, Slater & Gordon,

Ford, 7-Eleven, Hyundai, Turner & Freeman Lawyers,

Momentum Energy, Sydney Symphony Orchestra,

Geeks to You, State Custodians Mortgage Company,

Grace Removals, John Oxley Motors, Toyota,

Westend Mazda, Jetset Travel, Sydney City – Opel,

Cruisescene, 2nds World, Deakin Univeristy, RSVP,

Lite n’ Easy, Kathmandu, Gold Coast Theme Parks,

Yellow Pages, White Pages, Honda, Blackmores,

Thrifty Link, Ozforex, Foxtel and Medibank

As far as I am aware, none of those companies ever raised any objections to the vile insults coming from the Left side of Australian politics. They never ceased to sponsor the media outlets routinely publicising slurs of the opponents of Marxist ideology, beside which Alan Jones’ unsavoury comment to a group of students sounds like a childish hyperbole (hyper-bowl in the former minister for education Gillard-speak).

The pre-emptively soiled pants executives of the above listed companies gave in to the faux outrage of endangered public servants who, on taxpayers’ time set their taxpayers’ funded computers to overdrive in order to save the government which allows them to lead their parasitic lives.[Silencing Jones is all politics]

However, everything bad is good for something, so Mr Alan Jones will find out who, out of those around him, are just fair-weather friends, and who, because of their cowardice and general bad character, are ready to forsake him.

And here is another version in Czech languge:

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  1. Mario Bro says:

    I don’t usually comment but I gotta say thanks for the post. Jones needs all the help he can get. The Labor swine are out to get him, again.

  2. Clarisa says:

    Jones did not say anything that horrible.

  3. Marcelo says:

    Interesting post.

  4. Pipeeta says:

    The fact that more and more people listen to Jones shows how wrong the academia is.

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