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More by a chance than a design I happened to watch the Romney – Obama The Grand Prize TV show, i.e. what Americans are pleased to call an election debate.

I did not expect much from Obama, but I was surprised by the cutting effectiveness of Romney. I particularly liked Romney’s pitying look when watching The Great Orator to stumble, which was practically all the time. Somebody said it was like when a boxer who’s come up with so many fixed fights actually finds himself in the ring with somebody who is real.

I may not have paid full attention at all times, but I heard no “forward” from Obama, thought it is unlikely that he would have abandoned the slogan sacred to both national and international socialism. After all, that’s all he and the socialists generally can say – look forward, for Marx’s sake, don’t look back on our performance; we promise to do better the next time round.

That the emperor has no clothes we sceptics and cynics, capable of thinking for ourselves have seen right from the beginning of his ascendancy. Now US television audiences could see as well, but I fear that the rusted-on 47percenters will not. None are so blind as those who will not see…

Obama’s pathetic performance ought not too be judged too harshly. After all, he had no teleprompter and perhaps the effect of medication peaked up too early. Al Gore came up with an intriguing excuse for him– it was all due to the altitude sickness. Somehow I feel that this, tongue-in-cheek absolution, implying that Obama is well above the Chicago depths he is acclimatised to, shows the deep seated hatred of the usurper of the throne.

The Left may console themselves by the fact that Stalin was no great shakes as a speaker either, but when he spoke, the whole (not just 47%) Soviet Union clapped (or else).

Apparently more than 65 million watched the entertainment and about a half felt compeled to write something about it. (Not that I blame anyone, it is too tempting) For example, Dr Luboš Motl – Well, I have expressed this idea – which is partly a result of an analysis, partly a wishful thinking of mine – before. Obama has actually understood that the left-wing attitudes are wrong. They don’t work. He’s not stupid, he had 4 years to study this issue from a rather powerful reference frame, and he has learned a lot – even though he began to have a clue before he became a president. He was manipulated into a position of a president from whom the extreme left-wingers expected a lot. He knows that the pro-freedom principles that Romney – partially – represented make sense while the opposition to them doesn’t make sense. He just realizes he’s in a rather sensitive position and if he admitted everything he already knows, he would create a lot of hassle for himself and the U.S.

So Obama will do everything to he can to lose (without making his intent totally obvious) the November elections. Then he will come out of closet as a conservative and will write a book on how the nasty politically correct left-wingers have been manipulating him for years to be another obedient left-winger. [Full article]

I do not know what Luboš is smoking but I hope it will not cause any permanent damage. Assuming that Obama is a honest man? On the way to Denver Saul becomes Paul? A Manchurian candidate metamorphoses into Reagan? Come on.

Cliff Kincaid pours icy Siberian water on the US conservatives’ rosy opinion – Barack Obama lost the debate in a way that benefits him: He did not come across as a hard-core Marxist. That was his plan. Stumbling around is far less threatening than talking like Frank Marshall Davis.

Remember that the debate was preceded by the release of an old Obama video showing him giving a racist and radical speech. He wanted to avoid sounding like a radical again. This was smart on his part. There was some of the far-left Obama, by attacking big corporations and the rich. But mostly he tried to sound non-threatening, even if that meant that he seemed to be groping for answers and putting people to sleep. Obama has his base. He wants the votes of moderates now. He does not want to offend white people. [Full article – America’s Survival]

There could be something to this. Obama knew that he cannot coherently and convincingly discuss the economy. Playing possum and hoping for sympathy may have been a tactical ploy. The next debate on the 16th of this month is to be a town meeting format on the domestic and foreign policy; and the following, on 22nd , on foreign policy. There is nothing on Obama’s record he could proudly point to, but he could try to set up some foreign policy stunts – arrest somebody, kill somebody, bomb something, anything, bring troops home for Christmas. Well, all the usual. I am not sure what he could do on the domestic front. It is practically a given that the Bain Capital will figure prominently in the final stages of the campaign and it is possible that some last moment revelation or “revelation” will show Romney’s ruthless greed or worse. What else? Facilitate a firearms massacre? Do not dismiss this idea as needlessly offensive. Obama’s “Fast and Furious” operatives have the required experience. As long as the perpetrator is not black or a Muslim, he would be branded a Tea Party terrorist by the obedient media. I hope I am wrong; perhaps the American politics has not yet descended to that abyss.

On the lighter note – I can’t wait for the Ryan / Biden debate in Kentucky on the 11th of this month. It promises to be the entertainment of the decade. I hope that our Minister for Communications Comrade Conroy will not try to ban it as is his wont. The last debate, timid and vacuous as it was, still showed that socialism and democracy are mutually exclusive. Biden v. Ryan match should be something to tell your children about; and if Romney wins, even to your grandchildren.

Now to the title of this article. Australian Broadcasting Commission is a thoroughly dishonest organisation, and, unfortunately, the other media obediently follow its lead. For example, once ABC described Romney’s performance as “aggressive”, all the sheep adopted it as de riguer adjective. The words such as “forceful”, “assertive”, “assured” can not be used in connection with a class enemy.

It increasingly seems to be a habit nowadays that TV stations, presumably for those hard of hearing or hard of thinking, provide a running commentary by way of subtitles. They summarise what was said, but often, in the rush, inaccurately. That may be excused. However, once ABC 24 hours channel apparatchicks realised that they had to do Obama’s job for him in, they did it in the most deceptive and blatant fashion. If you had the sound off and believed their subtitles you would think that Obama has made numerous solid points and won the stoush. One day “their”, i.e. the socialists’ ABC will go the way of the Big Bird and Jim Lehrer as Romney suggested.

Unfortunately, the following short clip shows that the USA media bias is as despicable as that of ours.

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13 Responses to ABC subtitles

  1. Link Later II says:

    If the choice is between Romney and Obama the system is simply rotten.

  2. Milan says:

    Interesting, however, in the final analysis irrelevant. Never mind the de-press-ed. They are the stooges and lap dogs for the most part. The best result of this election from my libertarian point of view is that Obama gets re-elected and Congress (both House and Senate) goes republican. This would generate a gridlock a slowdown in the growth of the government, which is the best we can hope for…

  3. Articles says:

    For the US economy sake, it should be Ryan/Rommney.

  4. seo crack says:

    ABC will have to be disbanded.

  5. Empey says:

    Let’s re-elect Obama and have it done with.

  6. Handel says:

    Have you noticed how shrill is ABC now? All the reasons for disbanding the sorry lot.

  7. off-key says:

    That festering wound, ABC, would have to be excised from the body politic whole.

  8. hand out says:

    Too many people depending on the goverment’s distribution of other peoples’ property will vote for the continuation of the theft. When all the wealth gone 50 years later, they will start talking about freedom again. Patience, my dears.

  9. Wortext says:

    Obama/Ryan/Romney… What is important is the next month China politbyro meeting, not some sham elections in a bankrupt country.

  10. Bragger says:

    Ignorance is bliss.

  11. Tlowick says:

    Even if ABC was disbanded and its staff sent to re-education camps, the rest of the media would continue, for they know no different. A honest journalist is an oxymoron.

  12. Francesco says:

    ABC will have to be disbanded.

  13. Vopes says:

    ABC doesn’t bother to pretend it is not ALP owned and operated.

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