America at the crossroads?

Milan Skarka

I don’t pretend to know what will happen to this Republic. However, all the historical markers are pointing to the law of diminishing returns. The presidential election that may to some extent determine the answer is about two weeks away. Polling of voters preference is trending Romney’s way and Obama’s “firewall” is shrinking every day. There is no meaningful record of accomplishments that Obama can reference in his prospective second four-year term agenda. The sheer incompetence and condescending ways of his campaign are profoundly divisive. Victimization of various groups and invented war on women by Republicans is the foundation of Obama’s campaign, scrambling to find a solid footing. Liberals must consider women to be this big vagina that has needs on daily basis to be paid for by the government and Republicans want to deny and take it away. How patronizing is this?

Only the base comprised of leftists, public unions and welfare beneficiaries are standing solid for his re-election. There are a few “undecided” voters sprinkled around here and there, although if one is undecided at this point – other issues must play the role here and one should stay home and take care of those issues. This is not to be underestimated. Many, if not the majority are getting some sort of largesse from the government and are looking for more from Obama’s regime. Federal Government spent over one trillion dollars on welfare last year. A 32% increase since 2008. This is a critical balance that could tip the election to Obama. In a nutshell: the choices in this election are stark, with lasting consequences.

However the election comes out it will not be the end of the Republic. Not yet. The final chapter has not been written and no one knows what kind of epilog will follow. There is still time and there are viable solutions to many problems topical in today’s society.

Diversification of the population with groups of various interests perceived to be the cause of many problems today would also safeguard the Republic from a quick demise in the future. It would be difficult, if not impossible, to operate diverse groups like puppets in the same direction, even by force. The Second Amendment of the Constitution is guarantying the population that is armed and will not go easy into that dark night. The constructive chaos will continue and thrive. My only hope is that the “constructive” will not be taken out of this equation.

In case of total Obama victory in this election (Presidency, Senate and House) we should set up a sign in all the international airports in the US with these words written on it:Lasciate ogni speranza voichentrate.These are the words over the Gate to Hell in Dantes Inferno and means,All hope abandon ye who enter here.It is a far more apt greeting for foreigners arriving on our shores than the old, worn-out slogan on the Statue of Liberty. Which reminds me of a joke. Someone told this joke as an example of perverted Soviet humorbut, sadly, what was communist propaganda 50 years ago is now becoming simple truth:An American and a Russian are on board a ship sailing in to New York Harbor.The Russian turns to the American and asks,What is that giant statue over there?’ ‘Oh,replies the American,thats the Statue of Liberty.’ ‘Ah,says the Russian,we do the same thing in the Soviet Union.’ ‘Whats that?asks the American.We too erect statues to our dead heroes.’”

Now, put this in your pipe and smoke it.


From our Washington correspondent

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7 Responses to America at the crossroads?

  1. Michael says:

    You made a few good points there.

  2. Mote-in-eye says:

    Crossroads? More like a round-about, with the only exit to the economic and moral abyss. If Americans have not learnt anything in the last four years, perhaps they do deserve Obama-for-life. Romney may slow the journey a bit, but would not alter the destination. Something more radical is needed than waving posters at the elections time. Yet, nobody wants the bloodshed – let’s go to the re-education camps peacefully. In history books we will be praised for our restraint.

  3. Straps says:

    Fantastic! But? Is there any hope?

  4. Major Mitchell says:

    Nothing lasts for ever. America, democratic America had her chance. Now will see what a dictatorship will make out of her.

  5. Mailers says:

    Perhaps you are right, Milan. Blacks and Hispanics one way, whites the other.

  6. Abraham says:

    You can lead a horse to water… You can give Americans democracy…

  7. Sallly says:

    Time to order those signs.

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