All in

We read from the Age:

THE Coalition’s tax policies will cost Australian businesses  $4.57 billion  in their first full year of operation, according to the  Commonwealth  Treasury.

Prepared as Treasury attempts to come to grips with a suite of Coalition  policies yet to be announced, the analysis includes only those to which it has  publicly committed.    Excluded are policies with a negative but uncertain  impact on business, such as winding back the recent increase in the employee  tax-free threshold from $6000 to $18,200.

I shouldn’t have to say this, but its not the job of treasury to cost the opposition parties policies on behalf of the government. So it is  about Treasury knowing which is the inner party and which is the outer party. It’s about who throws the dog a bone. If establishment bureaucrats are going to support labor rear-guard action. Then the coalition’s next tactical move would be to raise the stakes. See who blinks first.  Threaten, upon obtaining government to sack any Treasury staff that shows any pro-government sympathies. Eliminating many of the top senior bureaucrats wouldn’t be difficult. Remember they can be easily replaced undermined by younger more ambitious anti-Labor bureaucrats.

Don’t be afraid to set fire to the long grass, shake things up, the establishment has the most to lose.

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  1. Globo says:

    Blatantly party-political public servants ought to be summarily dismissed, and the mere public service prostitutes severely disciplined and de-graded. After all, they are breaching their terms of employment. Additional benefit – savings of about one third of public service budget.

  2. The Australian’s Journalists are all acting surprised that such a things occur.

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