Molyneux and Mencius on the state and the election

Another Molyneux offensive. The distilled version of what he is saying is that; Obama is a symptom of the state existing. The only viable course of action is a parallel civilization. Let the state collapse. As I wrote, :

Seizing government power, means trying to control the vast unwieldy and treacherous bureaucracy that is the essence of government power. Anybody who has lived under communism, understands this intuitively. The harder one strives to implement what ever grievance based policy of the day will be compromised. Is it any wonder that we elect principled passionate politicians who upon attaining power become ineffectual, corrupt.

In J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings trilogy, a demon named Sauron forged a ring that provided its wearer with immortality and earthly power. However, The Ring having been forged with Saurons own essence was tremendously corrupting to any who shall were it. Tolkien wrote many of his books with a deliberate interwoven theology. The Ring symbolised the attempt for mortals to try and remake the world as they see fit, through worldly power whether for good or ill.

All the many grievance groups that exist to influence politics are all striving to wield the ring of power for their own particular cause. But it is the Ring, as is with government that always ends up wielding its user.

Obama’s presidency is the final mature and sclerotic stage of the state. It was destined from the beginning. Obama is merely the 21 century FDR.

And below is Obama’s bought and paid for Morlock mercenary force.

Romney Sucks! Speaking of which, Something from Mencius Moldbug for conservatives to consider.


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