Death of the Republic? (election hangover)

Milan Skarka

I don’t think I was ever really angry with anyone of diverse opinion, political or otherwise. In fact, I would be most uneasy having minions in tow. As the public debate evidently does not advance or create progress towards liberty and limited government I choose not to engage and stand accused of silence or, perhaps required to be silent until re-educated by the politically correct Marxist ruling class. Their beliefs now rule the day. The supposition, however, that my silence endorses anyone’s beliefs is as fallacious as the foundations upon which those beliefs are based. Indeed, their very repugnance and moral turpitude make them worthy of nothing beyond a contemptuous silence. Even the briefest revision of the venomous outpourings of the Marxists in charge today reveals them to be devoid of every feeling of humanity, every sensation of virtue, and every sentiment that informs a noble and generous mind, that disgust and revulsion are the only sensations that they can arouse in the hearts of your readers.

To do other than deny that I have any positive suggestions would be to utter a falsehood: it is my belief that currently there is no hope for libertarianism or small-government conservatism. The simple fact is that the majority of the people are content with matters as they are; for one thing, too many of them are dependent upon the state or find that it enables them to impose their own beliefs on the rest of us. Consider: the poor, the unemployed, the aged, and the wretched desire the state to support and care for them; the capitalists seek special treatment and privileges from it, liberals and Christians wish to use it, the former to impose socialism and egalitarianism upon us, the latter—religion; the health fanatics wish to use it to restrict what we are allowed eat; the environmentalists, under the guise of saving the earth, to destroy capitalism, technology, civilization itself; conservatives wish to use it as an instrument of foreign aggression. When the state has become this powerful, nearly everyone has something to gain from it, even if in many other ways they are the worse off for it. Even those who cry the loudest for lower taxes and a reduction in government spending are never willing to see those programs abolished that they themselves benefit from. Mankind is ever willing to sacrifice liberty for security and material advantage.

Only a complete economic collapse will bring about any change in our government, and that is more likely to result in a fascist or communist dictatorship than a freer republic. So, all I can think of now is live well if you can.

Now, put this in your pipe and smoke it.

From our Washington corespondent


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8 Responses to Death of the Republic? (election hangover)

  1. Lu Jing says:

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  2. Jersika says:

    When we all sober up, we’ll see that the situation is much worse.

  3. Leath says:

    The complete economic collapse is just round the corner. Any dictatorship will be solid Left. Or do you see any serious “right-wing” movement?

  4. Don Stay says:

    Death? You are too optimistic. Prolonged terminal illness for the rest of this century.

  5. Monocle says:

    Not to worry. In 3000 A.D. there will be another democratic society; for a century or so.

  6. Louis says:

    It was on the cards for some time now, say since 1965.

  7. Lishou Fu says:

    There is work to be done and battles to be fought. Don’t despair. We shall overcome!

  8. Gucko says:

    I don’t care any longer. Let it die.

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