That has been the wild card lurking below the surface for some time now. Obama’s re-election has catalyzed the mere consideration of state secessions.

From the Daily Caller:

How would Old Glory look with 30 stars instead of 50? As far-fetched as it may sound, the White House might soon be forced by its own rules to examine the question.

On Nov.7, the day after President Barack Obama was re-elected, the White House’s website received a petition asking the administration to allow Louisiana to secede.

If 25,000 people sign the petition by Dec. 7, it will “require a response” from the Obama administration, according to published rules of the White House’s online “We the People” program.

The Louisiana petition has collected more than 12,300 signatures in four days. A separate effort from Texas has 15,400 supporters.

Similar petitions from 18 other states began arriving Nov. 9, bringing the total — for the moment — to 20.

The White House website publicly displays petitions that have attracted at least 150 signers.

Apparently, all 50 states now have active petitions for Secession. Zero Hedge below.

With just 5 days needed for the Texas secession petition to surpass 100,000 signatories, all is not well with the Union…

… actually, not only are things not well with the Union, things are getting worse by the minute, as American society splinters into diametrical opposites to a degree not seen in decades, a process which in itself virtually assures there will be no cliff compromise before the opportunity cost of ending the stand off becomes far too great.

It’s very possible that these petitions go no where and or the government bureaucrats will deftly obstruct them. However, the Machiavellian principle that can be learned here. Is that the federal state apparatus in Washington, or Canberra for that matter can be held for ransom by the mere threat of secession. This is what Quebec has been doing for a very long time. To prevent secession they had to be bought off with welfare payments. Any attempt by the central federal government to punish seceding states is doomed to inflame sectarian passions within that state. Hence solidifying and self-justifying political secession movements. The central government will most likely choose to bribe the state back in to the fold. This in America’s case will be difficult, since its bankrupt. Maybe with printed money.

Notice how all of the above is eerily similar to the EU dynamics of bribing smaller eastern European states to join the EU federal system and then refusing to let them leave when the the states are bankrupt. Something to consider.

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7 Responses to Secession?

  1. cheklst says:

    Why not? Has been tried before. Perhaps this time it will work. I already see Obama hiring Muslim mercenaries.

  2. vin wave says:

    Let’s do it. Then we can join in USSR – United Seceded Socialist Republics.

  3. sacre noir says:

    Good idea. Let’s secede Tasmania and increase Australia’s IQ and GDP.

  4. Red Botox says:

    Why not? What have we to loose?

  5. Pullman says:

    Very good idea. But as with a carbon tax, I would prefer to wait for China.

  6. cheap face says:

    Hello there! This post couldn’t be written any better! Reading through this post reminds me of my student politics.

  7. El Casino says:

    Great idea. I think, for starters, New Zealand should secede from Australia and take its welfare recipient back home.

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