november / 26


26th November, 1936 : An agreement, designed to “protect European culture and civilisation and world peace from the Bolshevik menace”, was signed by Germany and Japan today. This complements a similar pact – or “Axis” – made earlier this month between Germany and Italy. Both parties deny that there are any secret military or economic clauses, but say that they will take stern measures against persons who act “in the service of the Communist Internationale or give assistance to its subversive work”. It would appear then, to be an arrangement between the secret police forces of both countries, similar to that made between the German and Italian secret police when Herr Himmler and Herr Heydrich visited Rome last month. Sir Eric Phipps, the British Ambassador in Berlin, and Francois Poncet, the French Ambassador, were among those who witnessed the ceremony. The Soviet Ambassador was not invited.

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