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28th November, 1971 : Nearly ten years after the arrival of the first Australian Army advisers in Vietnam, the flags have been lowered at the Anzac Task Force base at Nui Dat, ending the combat role in Vietnam. The lowering of the Royal Australian Regiment and Royal New Zealand Infantry Regiment flags ended the five years occupation of the base. The years have been marked by the turmoil of a war against a largely unidentifiable enemy. The Anzac forces have fought brilliantly and have never lost a battle. Their professionalism has impressed the world, as they have “done a job” in what the Australian

Whitlam in China – 1971

Labor leader, Mr Arthur Calwell, has described as a “filthy and unwinnable war”. Despite the statement by Australian Prime Minister William McMahon that the purpose for which Australia and New Zealand had committed forces had largely been achieved, the outcome of the war is still in balance, and the imminent withdrawal of the American forces may yet unleash the forces of North Vietnam to overwhelm the Republic of Vietnam in the south.

[When dishonest and grandstanding Whitlam came to power in 1972 he ordered a withdrawal of a unit protecting the Australia Embassy. He, his hagiographers and media still claim that he withdrew Australian military forces from the Vietnam war.]

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