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4th December, 1936 : British newspapers broke their silence yesterday and the nation learned of the constitutional drama played out in Royal circles. For weeks, Fleet Street has seethed with frustration as newsmen read of the King’s romance in American and European newspapers while their own stayed silent. The “conspiracy of silence” was inspired by Lord Beaverbrook, owner of the Daily Express, after a plea from the King to spare Mrs Simpson from notoriety. Allegedly unaware of the King’s intention to marry the divorcee, Beaverbrook agreed and then persuaded Esmond Harmsworth, owner of the Daily Mail and chairman of the Newspaper Proprietors’ Association, to refrain from publishing what was clearly a sensational story. Other newspapers fell into the line. Now The Yorkshire Post opened the floodgates for Fleet Street.

[Vis-a-vis the powerful our journalists has had always their pants full; they are only brave enough to write about misdeeds of middlemen and lower-men, who can’t seriously bite back. In 2012 Australia Prime Minister Gillard does not “plea”, she threatens and the media cave. / The documents relating to the connection between King Edward VIII, Mrs Wallis Simpson and National Socialist Party of Germany are still kept secret by the British Government.]

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