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7th December, 1941 : “The White House says, Japanese attack Pearl Harbour”: this fateful message, tapped out by the Associated Press teleprinters at 2.22 p.m. New York time today, shattered a peaceful Sunday afternoon and ended a long struggle on the part of isolationist forces in the US to stay out of the war. Imperial headquarters in Tokyo announced tonight that Japan was at war with the United States and Britain. Several hours earlier 360 Japanese war-planes had made a massive surprise attack on the US Pacific Fleet in its home base at Pearl Harbour in Hawaii. Japanese planes also attacked the American bases in the Philippines and on Guam and Wake Islands in the middle of the Pacific.

[In 2012 USA is borrowing $600 billion a year from the rest of the world to finance a $1.2 trillion government debt, most prominently from Japan (China has been a net seller of Treasury securities during the past year).]

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