Our Republic (if we can keep it)

 Milan Skarka

Although I probably despise Democrats and Obama even more than the Republicans, still, I fear the republican establishment is trying to find the usual scapegoats and rationalize reality in their usual ways, having not learned the lessons. It conforms to the logical fallacy of post hoc, ergo propter hoc (after this, therefore because of this). It is merely a variant of the usual widespread, but simple-minded belief that a single administration is responsible for the prosperity or economic downturn that occurs during its time in office. In fact, all the economic woes we are suffering from now have been long a-building and are the result not only of liberal Democrat, but of so-called “conservative” Republican legislation and administrations.

Excessive regulation of the housing market by environmentalists, liberals, socialists, “smart-growth” advocates, and just plain moronic bureaucrats, along with the prohibition of “red-lining,” destroyed the housing market; environmentalists, global-warming fanatics, liberals, socialists, and foolish conservatives, supported by a population so ignorant of economics that they don’t even understand the elementary principles of supply and demand wrecked the oil industry and destroyed the budding nuclear power industry; and the knowledge (based upon past 70 years ) that the government must come to their aid in the event of catastrophe, encouraged the wild Wall Street investment that has brought on the collapse of the stock market and the ruin of so many investment banks. While we ought not to overlook the greed, shortsightedness, stupidity, and incompetence of the managers and executives of the banks and investments houses, the speculators in the oil industry and housing market, and ordinary citizens who invested in foolishly risky adventures, whether in the stock or the housing markets, the majority of the blame must lie with the government for creating the situation in which all these crises could develop. But the folly has been building for decades. It is not merely the result of four years of a Democrat administration.

This confirms that democracy is a monstrous form of government–or rather, that a large democracy is a monstrous form of government. The founding fathers understood this; that is why they limited both the direct participation of the people in government and the power of that government. Unfortunately, ever since then, we have done all we could to increase the power of both. We now have both national and State and even municipal governments with unrestrained power, composed entirely of unscrupulous demagogues who frighten the vulgar into believing that only more power, more laws, more regulation, and more taxes can save the country or the State or the city from catastrophe.

Like the ancient Romans, those who hold public office in this country have for years now trampled upon the Constitution, whether they are Republicans, Democrats, liberals, or conservatives. Woodrow Wilson started it when he trampled on civil liberties during the First World War. Franklin Roosevelt copied Wilson’s methods to impose the New Deal on us in the Depression and trample on our liberties during World War II. Since then, almost every president, every congress, and every decision by the Supreme Court has further destroyed the Constitution.

I fully expect us to go the way of the Roman Republic; though in our case, the cause for collapse will be not continuous military violence and disorder, but continuing economic disorder and final collapse. The present system cannot stand. Eventually a day of reckoning must come. When it does, there will be a Caesar or an Octavian in the wings ready to restore prosperity if only he be granted a sufficiency of power.

And the desperate and frightened common herd will grant it to him. Indeed, even the rich and powerful will yield to his blandishments. And if he is clever, like Octavian, he will so disguise his dictatorship that most people will believe–or at least allow themselves to believe–that they still live in a democracy and not a dictatorship.

From our Washington correspondent

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