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From Australian Taxpayers Alliance:

We deserve answers.

The Prime Minister of Australia, Julia Gillard, has been accused of severe impropriety – and even criminal conduct.

She has been accused of facilitating embezzlement from the Australian Workers’ Union in the early 1990’s.

She has been accused of misleading parliament, and has been called flat out corrupt by Andrew Laming MP.

George Brandis SC, Shadow Attorney General, has even said that there was a “criminal in the lodge

Serious questions as to the integrity of the Prime Minister remain unanswered, and no defamation case have been brought against anyone making these allegations.

For the dignity of the office, and in the interests of transparency and accountability, this matter MUST be laid to rest.

We MUST have a Royal Commission now.

A new website has just been launched empowering Australians to DEMAND their MP and Senators support a Royal Commission.

This website – – presents the evidence so far, and allows Australians to directly contact their Federal Representatives.

Can you take 2 minutes to visit and DEMAND a Royal Commission from your MP?

If Julia Gillard is guilty only of bad judgment  – she shall be exonerated.
If, however, there is any truth to these allegations, the Australian public deserve to know.

Julia Gillard MUST reveal what she knew about the creation of the “slush fund” and MUST answer these allegations.

Please can you visit and DEMAND these questions be answered.

Here is what we know so far:

It is a matter of public record that in 1992 Julia Gillard, acting for her then boyfriend Bruce Wilson, assisted with drawing up the registration documents for the AWU Workplace Reform Association, and that her advice was “central in establishing the association”. It is also known fact that after the initial application by Mr Wilson to the WA Commissioner of Corporate Affairs was queried, Julie Gillard wrote to the commissioner “arguing for its incorporation” – a fact Ms Gillard refused to admit for some time. The Commissioner has since stated that if he would have been aware of the true purposes of the fund, it would not have been incorporated. Ms Gillard since said that there was nothing wrong with the creation of a “slush fund”, however Federal Minister Bill Shorten has admitted it was “inappropriate“.

It is also a matter of Public Record that the application stated it was to promote the “development of changes to work to achieve safe workplaces”. The AWU Workplace Reform Association billed companies and raised potentially millions of dollars, and companies believed they were dealing with the AWU.

The AWU was not aware of, and did not authorise, the creation of the Association. 

It is also a matter of public record that the entity breached numerous provisions of the WA Incorporations Act. It has been alleged further by Deputy Opposition Leader Julie Bishop that Julie Gillard broke numerous laws in establishing this fund. 

It is further a matter of public record Julia Gillard did not open a file at Slater & Gordon for this activity, nor were any invoices for work completed sent to the Union. In a subsequent interview with Slater & Gordon, Julia Gillard referred to the fund as a “slush fund” and that she “understood the purpose of the association was to hold re-election funds for union officials”. At no point did Julia Gillard notify authorities – or the AWU – of the activities of this fund and all files relating to this at Slater & Gordon have mysteriously gone “missing”. What’s more, Files relating to this at the West Australian State Archives, the Federal Court , and the NSW registry  have ALL also gone missing.

This should be enough in and of itself to warrant an investigation – but there’s more. Much more.

It is alleged in affidavits by then Joint National Secretary of the Australian Workers Union Ian Cambridge and former Australian Workers Union president Bob Kernohan that funds were extorted from companies for the “AWU Workplace Reform Association”, and then hidden amongst 13 bank accounts,  to be used for the personal benefit of Bruce Wilson. Allegedly, hundreds of thousands of dollars were siphoned from this fund.  In addition to this, a second fraudulent fund was allegedly established in Victoria. 

AWU  National President Bill Ludwig, in his own affidavit tendered in the Industrial Relations Commission, suggested as much as $1 million could have been embezzled in total. To date, no-one knows where all the money went, or how much was allegedly stolen.

We NEED to know where this million dollars went, and who knew about it. This is why we need a Royal Commission, and I hope you will visit to call for one!

The alleged embezzlement of funds extends to purchasing a private property for Bruce Wilson, for which Julia Gillard facilitated the conveyancing. It is a matter of record that Slater & Gordon accepted a cheque from the Association for the payment for the property, despite this being clearly in contravention of the Incorporations Act. In fact, when it comes to the property, according to the Fairfax Press, “Julia Gillard was “more than happy… to help find the right place, to do a freebie on the conveyancing, to sort out finance through her law firm’s loan facility and, for good measure, to turn up at the auction with her boyfriend to make sure everything went to plan”. Julia Gillard is listed as having witnessed the Power of Attorney used to purchase the property in Blewitt’s name by Wilson.

It is further alleged that Julia Gillard probably knew – and didn’t tell her employers, clients, or police – that the fund she set up was used to make these payments, despite her obligation to do so.

Furthermore, Former Union Official Wayne Hem has stated that Bruce Wilson told him to deposit $5000 into Julia Gillard’s private bank account from this fund. Mr. Wilson has not denied this.

A police investigation revealed that detectives suspected former Australian Workers’ Union boss Bruce Wilson and his then alleged bagman, Ralph Blewitt, were crooks” and wanted them criminally prosecuted over a $400,000-plus alleged fraud. Ralph Blewitt has since admitted to committing fraud in relation to the fund.
In a 1997 memo the WA police fraud squad’s then Detective Sergeant David McAlpine described the alleged scam and how it involved soliciting large cheque payments from major construction companies. Samantha Tough, the Squad’s legal officer, stated that she considered fraud, conspiracy and other criminal charges but concluded that police would need the co-operation of a key party. This party was Thiess Contracting, who police believed to be the biggest victim. Thiess Contracting refused to agree to file a police complaint. The head of Thiess at the time was Mr Wilson’s brother-in-law, Joe Trio.

Upon discovery of the fund, Nick Styant-Browne, a former Slater & Gordon Partner, states that the partnership “took a very serious view” of these and other matters, “and accepted her resignation”.  Peter Gordon, a former Partner of Slater & Gordon, states that “Ms Gillard elected to resign and we accepted her resignation without discussion.
Questions as to Julia Gillard’s role, and what she knew, remain unanswered.

Julia Gillard, who was in her 30’s at the time, said she was “young and naïve” and has refused to substantially answer any further questions on her involvement – other than on one ‘spontaneous’ session sprung during a press conference on immigration reform, where no journalists fully briefed on this issue were present and none of the core issues were addressed, and in a follow-up interview under similar circumstances.

This is not good enough!

Fair Work Australia Commissioner & former Senior Union Official Ian Cambridge has called for a Royal Commission into this matter. Former Labor Federal Attorney General Robert McClelland has raised this matter in Federal Parliament Deputy Opposition Leader has essentially accused her  of misleading Parliament! George Brandis SC has called her a “criminal” and outlined the case here.

There is MORE than sufficient evidence to warrant a Royal Commission. We need to make this happen.

For the sake of the integrity of the Office of Prime Minister, and for the union members who were ripped off and had their money stolen, we need a Royal Commission now.

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