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18th December, 1954 : The Greek flag flew briefly outside the police station in Limassol today when a gang of youths, demanding union with Greece, tore down the Union Jack and raised the Greek flag in its place. Two of the rioters were subsequently shot when British troops were ordered to fire on the crowd. In other parts of the town, which is situated on the south of the island, British-owned bars were stoned by mobs of chanting Cypriots. It took police in Nicosia until late in the evening to control the disturbances and, when the Greek demonstrators had dispersed, a small group of Turks smashed the windows of Greek-owned shops. The riots were sparked by the United Nations’ announcement that they had shelved a demand by the Greek government that Cyprus be given the right of self-determination.

[Something has changed in a half of century – now you can tear, deface or burn flags without any fear of getting shot. Provided of course that you are burning British, US, Australian or Israeli flag.]

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