Gillard’s Trilogy – Part II – Wilson

…from the quill of Antisthenes the Younger

The necessity of republishing Mr Pickering questions here demonstrates the blind adherence of the Australia’s mainstream journalists to the Labor apparatchiks’ directives.

Failure of the so called journalists, at least from time to time and in the most outrageous cases, to question and probe the by now well entrenched trade unions – ALP criminal symbiosis shows that they take neither their profession, nor democracy seriously.

Many questions about Gillard – Wilson extortion scheme should be asked but are not and if raised by bloggers, are actively suppressed.

From Larry Pickering:


Bruce Wilson could have paid cash for any house (on occasions he did) but he was smart enough to know it would attract attention in Melbourne. A deposit and mortgage was an exercise in normality and barely caused a ripple. But there was another reason.

Union officials are paid “LAHA” (living away from home allowance). In Wilson’s case it would have been at least $700 per week or $100 per day, plus extras (in today’s money around $2,000). He was also drawing two AWU wages. One from his WA position and one from his self-promotion to Victoria.

The LAHA alone would have been sufficient to service the mortgage and conduct the usual renovations. Renovations to a house, including Gillard’s, was an excellent money-laundering technique as it was lost in normal housing inflation rates.

The latest media interest surrounds a piddling amount of $400,000.

When Left wing journos finally get around to following trails west they may begin to at last understand the extent to which their beloved little Julia was involved in union corruption.

Only then will they begin to understand what we blogging “nutjobs” have been harping on about for months.

Known amounts that have been extorted from construction companies including Thiess, who knew of and were complicit in the corruption, amount to over $2million (God knows how much that is in today’s money). The total figure is almost certainly higher than $2million because we have only been able to scratch the surface.

Those companies that weren’t complicit were documented in Ian Cambridge’s diary: “Wilson then went on to make astounding revelations about the nature of the construction industry and some of the things that occurred such as the requirement to have a barbeque and beer put on at the return to work after any stoppage. He also then revealed that he and others such as Ralph Blewitt had been involved in the practice of damaging plant and equipment, such as setting fire to backhoes or other earthmoving equipment, or getting a battery-operated drill and drilling out tyres, essentially rendering the tyres useless.”

Most disturbing of all is the extent to which the AWU was determined to cover this up. When the AWU fraud was discovered, incredibly they paid the culprits $100,000 in severance pay including Wilson and his bodyguard “Bill the Greek” (aka Vassilis Telikostoglou).

This money was used to hurriedly pay back extorted funds to confused developers. A stupid idea really as that only highlighted the fraud.

Now, Bill the Greek was responsible for Wilson’s welfare and Gillard’s renovations. He is a 6’ 3’’ overweight bouncer with a long black ponytail.

No-one argued with Bill even when he rorted his own Greek community of thousands of dollars. Stories abound of Bill the Greek. He has now fled the country (but that’s another story).

It is believed his cousin “Con” owned the now defunct Town Mode through which the renovations money was laundered.

Bongiorno, Grattan, Oakes and minor Gillard sycophants Pascoe, Murray and van Onselen are still in embarrassing denial. So here’s a little something for you all to chew on:

Australian Bar Review, vol 5 No 1 March 1989 page 1 refers to conspiracy to defraud and aiding and abetting a breach of the law as the two areas of the criminal law which potentially apply to professional advice.

His Honour McHugh J said (in part) “…when the lawyer goes beyond advice and draws documents for the purpose of enabling a client to achieve an objective, it is, I think, almost impossible to contend that the adviser does not aid the commission of any offence which results.”

Welcome to the real world of investigative journalism, fellas, you have all been asleep.

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