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7th February, 1934 : Edouard Daladier resigned as Premier of France today, following two days of bloody rioting in the streets of Paris. It is difficult to discern a theme behind the rioting, except to note that the stench of scandal surrounding the affair of the swindler Stavinsky has fouled political life in France, and there is discontent with a number of measures taken by the Daladier Government. The ex-servicemen, in particular, have been demanding his resignation and it was their threat to mount a parade, armed with grenades and other “souvenirs” from the war, which eventually caused him to telephone President Lebrun in the middle of a Cabinet meeting and offer his resignation. The news that M. Daladier had resigned was received in the Bourse with immense relief and the Marseillaise was sung with fervour. A few minutes later French Rentes rose by one point.

[Compared to our swindlers Wilson, the “young and naive” and Blewitt, Stavinski was a small potato. But I guess that France then, as opposed to us now, had a free press.]

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