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12th February, 1946 : The mood in India is becoming very dark, with the various communities digging further into their entrenched positions. The mutiny by the Indian Navy at Bombay earlier this month was indicative of the turmoil. That was put down by British reinforcements with the loss of one life, but if such a highly disciplined force can mutiny, the prospect for peace among India’s turbulent people are slight. Already there has been bloody rioting in several cities. Sixty people died in Bombay when demonstrators, demanding freedom from British rule, set fire to grain warehouses, banks and shops, and overturned buses and cars.

[25-01-13 A mother in the northern Indian state of Rajasthan has been arrested for allegedly selling her daughter for 650,000 rupees ($12,000; £7,611). The mother said she sold the girl to raise money to repay a fine of 450,000 rupees ($8,383; £5,317) imposed on her by the village council, police said.]

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