The little known story of Thorium

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12 Responses to The little known story of Thorium

  1. Mr Vanadium says:

    Finally somebody addressed my greatest fear – peak uranium!

  2. Genfit says:

    The crooks run the media. Nothing but a violent revolution will stop them.

  3. Phenol says:

    Nice, but you don’t expect people to think – or do you?

  4. green canada says:

    Silly. More energy means more people, more polution, more crime, more politicians…

  5. Blue host says:

    It sounds too cheap and too simple.

  6. Bruce says:

    we no need no education…

  7. Free Monty says:

    Let’s keep it so little know. If it moves, Greens ban it.

  8. Sendra says:

    Lack of even basic scientific knowledge is the problem.

  9. Jessy says:

    Where would the profit be?

  10. Py Kenoply says:


  11. Dig Deeper says:

    Believe it or not – the greenies have no interest in the survival of human race.

  12. Red Gamer says:

    Should be better known, but then, the Greenscam is against reason and cheap energy doesn’t matter what.

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