Family court Divorce Industry is Organised Crime

The following videos are a recommended pre-nuptial viewing for unmarried men, men who experienced Family Court’s “lack of bias”, men, who are still to experience it and for not yet brainwashed women, i.e. those who realise that applied feminism is a road to serfdom, not out of it. The two videos are of less than 10 minutes duration, and unfortunately there are some acoustic problems; obviously not a taxpayer funded recordings.

Dr Stephen Baskerville is speaking about the abysmal state of affairs in USA, but similarities to the Australian anti-family legislation and practice are eery. Disintegration of the family is, after all, an essential part of Gramsci’s plan for the world domination by international socialism, promulgated early last century and applied so far very successfully all over the so called Free World. In Australia, the primary attack on the family and family values was implemented by the unlamented Attorney-General Lionel Murphy in 1974 during the mercifully short, but still in the long term disastrous, Whitlam era.

Many typical placid Australians will find the following of no interest. Perhaps they could not care less or perhaps they know that under sharia the family law will be different. We hope you are not one of them.

Also my previous post featuring an earlier interview of Dr. Baskerville.


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  1. lea travis says:

    It is very amusing.

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