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23rd February, 1913 : Francisco Madero, the deposed President of Mexico, was shot to death in the streets of Mexico City last night. His Vice-President was also gunned down and killed. Like his brother, Gustavo, Madero was a victim of the fuego ley, or flight law, which in Mexico allows police to shoot anyone said to be fleeing arrest. Madero was being transferred to prison late today when, according to his successor as provisional President of Mexico, General Vitoriano Huerta, the two cars transferring him and other prisoners were attacked by armed men. Both the former President and Vice-President had tried to escape and were shot by their escorts. General Huerta promised “a strict investigation”. Francisco Madero, sometimes known as “the apostle of democracy”, was a journalist who led the opposition to the dictator, Porfirio Diaz, and was elected President. On 9th February he was arrested by his own troops.

[One hundred years later – Frontera/molly advises: El Diario reports 26 homicides in January.  El Mexicano reports 25. I last reported 21 homicides on January 21. Today I counted the reported homicide deaths since then and came up with a total of 30 for the month. Not sure what accounts for the difference this time, but the trend is definitely down.  As the Diario 30 homicides in Juarez in January ; 1,758 in Mexico since EPN took officearticle states, this is the lowest toll for Juarez in 5 years.  I’m still compiling articles on murders elsewhere in Mexico… The best national figure seems to be this one reported in Animal Politico and in La Jornada: 1,758 murders in Dec 2012/Jan 2013…an average of 28 per day nationwide.]

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