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28th February, 1939 : The British Government’s recognition of General Franco was the cause of furious scenes in the House of Commons today. The Opposition greeted the Prime Minister with shouts of “Heil Chamberlain” and “Now the Vulture”, but their vote of censure was defeated by 344 votes to 137. Mr Chamberlain responded to the taunts by justifying the granting of recognition on the grounds that General Franco had gained possession of the greater part of Spain, and that nobody could say how much of the Republican Government remained or where it could be found. Labour’s leader Clement Attlee was unusually ferocious in his attack on the PM who, he said, would always recognise a government which outraged every law, human and divine, but any government which obeyed the rules of civilisation was “bound to be done down by the Prime Minister”. All this fury was probably made unnecessary by the news that Senor Azana, President of Republican Spain, has resigned.

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