Mal(i) adventure

 Ludwig von Gress

When the French sent their military to Mali without waiting for the permission of The Guardian, United Nations, Australian Broadcasting Commission and other left-wing organisations I was pleased that something, albeit small is being done about the plight of Christians and decent people generally in Africa.

It seems, so far, that it was a short, sharp operation conducted by overwhelming force, of the type even Carl von Clausewitz would approve, not to mention Moshe Dayan. The casualties were limited – one pilot dead, a few injuries. [Now, regrettably three dead – Deutsche Welle] The Foreign Legion and the rest now should go home, leaving only Islamist’s corpses and a network of informers behind.

That, of course, would be too good to be true. The operation is to be handed over to United Nations, which means a disaster. Let me explain.

Ms Afua Hirsch, West African correspondent of The Guardian expressed surprise and perhaps a slight annoyance that the Mali population welcomed their former colonisers’ troops with open arms. On her picture she looks like a black woman, and is, since she is writing for the Guardian, necessarily “progressive”. Thus she could remember what one famous black American civil rights activist, Jesse Louis Jackson Sr. (born Jesse Louis Burns; October 8, 1941) once said – “There is nothing more painful to me at this stage in my life than to walk down the street and hear footsteps and start thinking about robbery. Then look around and see somebody white and feel relieved…

It thus ought not to be surprising that Malians prefer former colonialists to their own kind. From the end of Ms Hirsch own article: “There is another, equally depressing side to the joyous greeting Malians have offered the French. When I have asked people here about the impending arrival of west African troops, facial expressions have switched from welcoming smiles to snarls and pouts. “Comedians,” one Malian told me. “They are just coming into the country to rob and vandalise us, then they will leave us again no better off.”

It’s as if I went to bed one night in a place where pan-African regional pride still existed, and woke up in another where the former colonial master is king. And that is much, much less welcome.”

Obviously, for The Guardian correspondents murders, rapes, mutilations and torture are fine, as long as white people stay away. Amongst many things Ms Hirsch found depressing: “Here on the ground, French flags are flying in small provincial towns – something I have never seen before. In the capital, people are organising a collection for the French helicopter pilot who was killed in action (there are, it has to be said, similar feelings of affection for wounded Malian soldiers). One blogger in Bamako pointed out that last weekend, over 1,000 people showed up at a health centre to donate blood to the armed forces, despite the fact that the national blood bank apparently could accommodate just 113 donors per day.

When the entire front page of the Malian newspaper read Vive la France the leftist experts explained that inconvenient fact that it could only happen because Hollande is a socialist, and it could not have happened if that nasty Sarkozy was still a president.

The French expedition, the Serval, to give it the proper name, caused some head scratching and back-tracking in the world-wide socialist commentariat. At first we were given the old and ever useful Pravda version – colonialism, neo-colonialism, oppressed black people, exploited black people… you heard the mantra often enough.

Also, you read something sinister like this – “…in March last year Mali had a military coup, which was staged by a US-trained military officer Captain Amadou Haya Sanogo.” I hold no brief for Sanogo, but it should be pointed out that the US the trained entire Mali military for the last ten years. US-trained dictator, French military invasion … all that fit nicely to the neo-Marxist narrative.

Mr M K Bhadrakumar in Asia Times Online moaned that Russia and China “allowed themselves to be hoodwinked again on Mali.” (That “again” refers to Libya and Syria) I am not sure about Russia, but China certainly was not hoodwinked by allowing France to pull its chestnuts from the fire. I am of course far from suggesting that the French intentions are entirely honourable, they hardly ever are. After all, Mali is in the midst of a vast region that is rich in oil, gas, gold, copper, diamonds and uranium, and France’s nuclear power plants are supplied from the uranium mines in Niger, just east of Mali.

Comrade He Wenping, director of African Studies under the Institute of West Asian and African Studies of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, wrote:

China has certain interests in Mali through its investment projects. It is not necessarily a bad thing for China as France’s decision to send its troops can stabilize the situation…

From elsewhere : “China has … surpassed the US and Europe as Africa’s biggest trading partner (US$160 billion) and its businesses invested $15 billion in Africa last year alone. China is hot for minerals in west, north and Central African countries and oil from west Africa. Agricultural products from Chad, Mali, Benin and Burkina Faso supply China’s massive textile industry. West Africa is also a key importer of Chinese products, with Nigeria figuring as the lead consumer (42%).”

Black people exploited by Communist China are of no concern to the socialist media. Better then to leave China alone and listen to Russia:

A leading expert on the region, Evgueni Korenddyasov, who served as Russia’s ambassador in Mali and is currently heading the Center for Russian-African Relations at the Russian Academy of Sciences in Moscow, said, “The solution can only be found through talks about bigger autonomy and representation for the Tuaregs.

What a pity he is not also an expert on Chechnya.

The whole French escapade could unfortunately mean that M. Hollande, The Guardian approved socialist, may be speeding up the total take-over of Africa by Islam and making it safe for China. Also, Joe Biden’s congratulation to M.Hollande on a successful operation is suspicious, as Obama’s administration hardly ever does anything which could stop or slow the Islam, whether murderous or temporarily tactically moderate. It could be yet another Biden gaffe,ignored by the main stream media, of course.

A substantial part of the French forces is comprised by the Foreign Legion, a fact not often mentioned but obvious from the soldiers’ shoulder patches to the observant. While listening to the Legion Entrangere march, spare a thought for those poor buggers who sacrificed and are still sacrificing their lives and limbs, from Dien Bien Phu to Timbuktu in order to slow the tide of the forces of darkness. It is solely the fault of cynical politicians that their sacrifices are mostly in vain.

* / In the old, old times of the armed discontent in Congo the military experts’ estimate was that one mercenary is equal one hundred rebels, who had amulets making them impervious to bullets. Now they have the Koran and The Guardian. God helps us all!

About Ludwig von Gress

Born in communist Europe, interested in defence matters on a macro scale, with a cavalry “devil may care spirit” from his grandfather and cautious effectiveness of asymmetric warfare approach from his guerilla father. He sometimes despairs that he may be the only one taking the defence of Australia seriously.
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19 Responses to Mal(i) adventure

  1. Bess-arab says:

    French had no other option, obviously. Next time Obama will stop them. BTW, I discovered your blog using google. Keep up the good work.

  2. Sven F. Rehulka , Sydney says:

    Quote : Mali had a military coup which was staged by US.-trained military officer –
    – Captain Amadou Haya Sanogo !
    But left wing media probably forget about a fact – another US.-trained (noncom.) officer –
    – late Hugo Chavez , who staged coup in Venezuela.
    It is different, or not ?

  3. Montesiore says:

    If not for the media (and piss-weak politicians) the Foreign Legion and SAS could clean up a half of Africa of Islamist terrorists in six months. Those terrorists are bullies, not fighters.

  4. keyboard widow says:

    You are right not to trust Hollande. I guess we’ll get some unpleasant surprises from him.

  5. B. Appledome says:

    When there is no will, there is no way. Muslims are coming close to a mosque near you.

  6. Maurice Beatio says:

    One can’t trust anybody. French are not likely to save Europe on their own; and why should they? They did it once before. No gratitude.

  7. Stan Veliko says:

    The dawn of the bloody rearguard action era.

  8. H.J.Moelberry says:

    It has to be done.

  9. simple man says:

    It will end up badly.

  10. Mali Malibu says:

    Anything just keep them where they are, but easier said then done.

  11. Hoa Vuen says:

    Chinese will take over soon.

  12. Hollande says:

    The best to leave them alone!

  13. Bad Deuce says:

    Africa? A waste of time in that moral wasteland.

  14. Awful Spin says:

    The white mens’ burden, obviously.

  15. Liz Pussa says:

    Those fights in Africa could be won, if there was a political will. As long as we are afraid of being accussed of racism, Africans will keep on killing each other.

  16. Timothyna says:

    Instead of ‘hashtagging’ and media posturing, send the French Foreign Legion to save those girls, those who still want to be saved.

  17. Antonio Terr says:

    At least the French are trying, not like the Obama’s teapot “warriors”.

  18. Williamnizt says:

    Shouldn’t we leave them alone? For our sake?

  19. Ni Khoma says:

    Waste of good French lives and money. Give Africa her chance!

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