Next stunt?

…from the quill of Antisthenes the Younger

I am losing interest in her but some people around me are still curious – what will she try next? How low will she stoop? Let’s go through the most obvious stunts:

1.- A marriage? That would be a real distraction to female journalists, but would annoy the ruling coven no end. Besides that her live-in hairdresser has been divorced for a long time. No red hot drama there.

2.- A separation from the live-in hairdresser and free-loader-in-chief? Possible, but that would upset all the spongers, undoubtedly a large part of Labor constituency, who live off rich women or taxpayers. It would have to be followed by a new romance, but see No 1 above. It would have to be a married man, preferably an Aboriginal.

3.- A pregnancy? I’ll leave that distasteful option to your nightmares. Her pregnancy and a late term abortion would be a different matter, for, according to the feminists propaganda, all women want abortions, more often the better. It is a strike against misogyny.

4.- A new pair of glasses? That is, the real new glasses MkII? Very likely. We will have to watch Hilary “what difference does it make” Clinton. Julia copied her dress and her glasses recently for the unveiling of the Shortest Election Campaign in History and we know that she hasn’t had an idea of her own since her “young and naive” Australian Workers Union “slush” funds’ days. Maybe Ms Clinton’s hairstyle? That would jell with No 2 above.

5.- Xenophobia? Oops, done just now. So well, in fact, that Pauline Hanson approves. I worked it out why Labor thinkers claim that the foreigners coming here on the so called s.457 visa to work and pay taxes are bad; and that the people coming here without any documents, not working and living off Australian taxpayers, are good. The reason – the former, if they happen to stay, are unlikely to vote Labor, while the latter are almost guaranteed to do so.

6.- A general strike? – Oops, in the government. That will await benighted Abbott.

7.- An Aboriginal riot?– It was tried already and didn’t work out as planned. [Fog of Chaos – Australian Prime Minister flees her voters] Perhaps the Scottish accent caused the problem somewhere along the line of command. Another attempt is unlikely while she is in power.

8.- A feminist riot? Well, they are running riot in her government already, but with their organisational abilities… Forget that one too.

She proved herself capable of anything amoral and she is totally shameless and unprincipled – undoubtedly a very good pick, from a crowded field of similarly qualified contenders, by the union apparatchiks who try to rule the country. She may still surprise us.

I leave aside a possibility of a socialist putsch, where her Government, utilising the union thugs on the one end and the mother-in-law (a.k.a. Governor-General) of Bill Shorten on the other would simply postpone the elections indefinitely on any number of manufactured grounds.

Then there is the Finkelstein’s media muzzle design – to shut up everybody not pre-approved by McTernan-Conroy-Dreyfus Truth Troika. [Fog of Chaos – Finklestein’s Final Solution] The late unlamented Roxon’s planned law to stifle any dissent is still on the front burner and the Labor prop the Greens, a party most to lose from a free public discourse, urges the utmost haste.

The last two could be hardly described as stunts, though the Germans in 1933 could have done so in a sadly misguided “knowledge” that something like that simply can’t happen in a civilised country.

Finally we get to an assassination hoax. Of course, the danger there is that with Gillard’s record it could actually succeed. Yet it would have to be more serious than that of Liberal hypocrite Howard, who donned a bullet proof jacket on the spurious chimera of an assassination threat in order to drum up support for his iniquitous gun laws. Still, now, just like then, the journalists would swallow it whole.

The idea is not new but still in use. The last month the leader of Bulgaria’s ethnic-Turkish political party, Ahmed Dogan was fired at by an attacker with a non-lethal gas pistol in front of TV cameras. Dogan’s opponents claim it was a hoax. His would-be- assailant is an ethnic Turk.

Just a day before the 2004 elections Taiwanese president Chen Shui-Bian survived an assassination attempt, which his opponents described as a hoax. He was elected by a slim margin. It is unlikely that Gillard would wish to follow his footsteps too closely. He (and his wife) are currently serving a nineteen years sentence for corruption.

About Antisthenes

A Greek philosopher, a pupil of Socrates. Led a revolt, with Diogenes, against the demands of the city-state and the sophistication of life. Accepted the interrelation of knowledge, virtue, and happiness; and sought the ideal condition for happiness in return to primitivism and self-sufficiency. Rejected all social distinctions as based on convention, scorned orthodox religion as a fabrication of lies, and studied early legends and animal life in order to arrive at a true understanding of natural law. The individual was free and self-sufficient when he was master of his passions, secure in his intelligence, impervious to social or religious demands, and satisfied with the poverty of a mendicant. Needless to say, a person who on the Fog of Chaos adopted the Athenian philosopher's name has nothing whatsoever in common with him.
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6 Responses to Next stunt?

  1. Peter Lamb says:

    That name, Finkelstein, will live in infamy. From Andrew Bolt: I’m glad Fairfax has joined a crusade for free speech that for too long has been allowed to seem merely News Ltd protecting itself from a vindictive government:

    The leading print media companies have united to call on the federal government to consult them about potentially sweeping media law changes that may restrict the way journalists operate…

    ‘’We are united in opposing new regulation and legislative changes that affect our ability to report and investigate as well as invest and compete in a digital and multi-platform media economy,’’ said a letter sent to Senator Conroy by The Newspaper Works, an industry group representing all major print media companies, including Fairfax Media and News Ltd.

    ‘’New regulations that inhibit the media will severely undermine our sector’s ability to uncover and report on matters about which the public has a right to know…”

    Where on earth is the evidence that the media needs taming? And that the good of the muzzle outweighs the harm?

  2. Steve Pann says:

    She’s so incompetent, and surrounds herself with such incompetents, that if she attempted a hoax assassination she would end up dead. Let’s hope she doesn’t try – she would become a marthyr, a victim of misogyny.

  3. Theo Dukis says:

    I hope she stays till the elections, but I wish the elections were next month.

  4. Taurus says:

    What was obvious to all thinking people for decades has finally reached the official conservative forums – from the Quadrant Online (11 March): ” And this is what’s wrong with Labor. It is no longer the party of those who have nothing to sell but their labour, and it hasn’t been that for decades.

    Instead it has become the party of privilege of the most superficial kind – that based on approved family and marital relationships. The complex working and personal relationships of unionists, lobbyists, journalists, lawyers and their offspring have produced a tightly-knit network of common interest, and that interest is funded by extracting money from people who actually work for a living.

    This is what most people would consider an ‘aristocracy’, and that is what the ALP has now become.”

  5. Stan Whitehouse says:

    Finkelestein is the puppet of the creeping fascism –

    “Another troubling aspect of the Convergence Review is its endorsement of Finkelstein’s plan to link statutory defences for the press to membership in the review council. In other words—if you don’t submit to the judgments of the media standards body, you will not be considered a journalist under the law, raising a spectre of government-controlled licensing of journalists, common in countries such as China.

    The Finkelstein report details various so-called “privileges” held by the press. Many of these rights—including the right to protect confidential sources; to provide commentary; to gather personal information when investigating matters of public interest; and to access court proceedings and law enforcement records—are at the heart of the press’s role in a democratic society. Such protections are not “privileges” that place the media above the public, they allow the press to inform the public…

    Forcing media organisations to choose between mandatory, government-backed oversight and forgoing the legal protections necessary to function as journalists leaves no room for a free press.” / Andrew Bolt

  6. S. Koralei says:

    In any future debate with a Laborite all one would have to say – Gillard. If one hears any muttering about an “aberration”, then say – Latham.

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