Move along. Nothing to see here!

We’re still operating on a 100-year-old architecture in the Labor Party where many people are influenced by outside forces. They are not their own people. They’re influenced in what they do by other people and that has a big impact on leadership challenges… Some of these people are influenced by outside forces and that includes trade unions.

– Joel Fitzgibbon, Labor Party chief whip.

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3 Responses to Move along. Nothing to see here!

  1. Tom Shomach says:

    Absolutely disgraceful lot! And their puppets, labor politicians, are even worse.

  2. Tomnut says:

    Rare for a puppet to admit that.

  3. Nick Anders says:

    Yeah, we know. but who is financing trade unions and pulling their strings? Used to be Moscow and Peking. Soros now?

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