Abbott’s juju

Over the last many months, I’m sure our readers have noticed Labor’s disastrous polling. How couldn’t you? One would think that Julia/McTernan would put up some resistance or a change of tactic at least. My previous predictions were somewhat off. I believed that labor would collapse on many policy fronts but that Gillard would be rolled by someone, fresh, ambitious and not Rudd. The new Labor leader would then pull a hard right and deny Abbott the aspirational working class vote. This would stem some of the damage to Labor in a coalition electoral victory. That seemed the logical circuit breaker 6 to 12 months ago. The rational thing to do.

However fate would have it differently. Gillard survives many attempts on her leadership and doggedly fights many irrational non-winnable political fronts. A delusional Hitler in his last days comes to mind. He was hated by all and left Germany in a smouldering ruin. Gillard seems to be intent on doing the same to Labor. Fog of Chaos – On the Australian Electoral Front.

John McTernan, Gillard’s Communication director, was supposed to provide some fightback or a change of communications strategy;  to connect to average Australian people, get the message out, are the highlights of political sermons sung by Labor politicians every Sunday morning. In case you didn’t know Malcolm Tucker, the volatile communications director from the political comedy The Thick of It, apparently channels John McTernan.

It’s possible, that the not stupid and smooth operatorMcTernan has already been given leave and spends his days sight seeing and at the pub.It would be the only sensible solution considering the following blunders:

Attempting to pass legislation that would regulate the media in total but the Murdoch media in particular out of some vendetta was expected achieve what to win the election? It would force the Murdoch media to fight for its life, with an avalanche of anti-labor journalism between now and the election.

To even consider looting Australian’s retirement savings via the taxation of superannuation schemes is not really a policy but a political seppuku.

My libertarian sensibilities are aghast at the planned brazen robbery, however my Machiavellian revolutionary instincts somehow make me wish the government would be so clumsy and voracious. The sheer naked plundering of the populace as though they were a herd of farm animals to be milked and slaughtered when convenient, would collapse the artificial messianic edifice of government the healer for a generation and Labor destroyed, would descend into bitter infighting.

One is tempted to think that either Julia Gillard works for Tony Abbott, or the coalition is packing some very strong juju.


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2 Responses to Abbott’s juju

  1. Sour Tangerine says:

    Let’s hope you are right.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Abbott will disappoint.

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