A reminder

…from the quill of Antisthenes the Younger

 The purpose of this post is twofold – firstly to remind you that the people who already killed 160 million people in the name of their socialist ideology are alive and sick in Australia. To refresh your memory, from Left perspective:

Christianity – total 1,450,000

 The Crusades 1,000,000

Inquisition 350,000

Witch hunts 100,000

 Buddhist/Taoist/Confucian – total 63,446,000

 Mongol Empire 29,927,000

Chinese 33,519,000

 Islam – total 4,000,000

 Ottoman Empire 2,000,000

Persia (Iran) 2,000,000

 Socialism – total 160,134,000

 Marxist China 77,277,000

Marxist USSR 61,911,000

National Socialist Germany 20,946,000

 The violent attempt to stop so innocuous speech as that of Mr Abbott at the Institute of Public Affairs function shows their increasing desperation and thus dangerousness.

 Secondly, somewhere on the middle are Mr Abbott’s “if I get elected” promises. Remember them well.

About Antisthenes

A Greek philosopher, a pupil of Socrates. Led a revolt, with Diogenes, against the demands of the city-state and the sophistication of life. Accepted the interrelation of knowledge, virtue, and happiness; and sought the ideal condition for happiness in return to primitivism and self-sufficiency. Rejected all social distinctions as based on convention, scorned orthodox religion as a fabrication of lies, and studied early legends and animal life in order to arrive at a true understanding of natural law. The individual was free and self-sufficient when he was master of his passions, secure in his intelligence, impervious to social or religious demands, and satisfied with the poverty of a mendicant. Needless to say, a person who on the Fog of Chaos adopted the Athenian philosopher's name has nothing whatsoever in common with him.
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2 Responses to A reminder

  1. Taurus says:

    From Mark Steyn:
    “in the 1970s, the Conservative Party thought that it could aspire to nothing higher than to offer to manage the big government socialist state marginally more efficiently than the Labour Party could. And she (M Thatcher) took the view that that wasn’t enough.”

    “The function of an opposition party is not merely to get elected. An opposition party, whatever its ideology, is supposed to stand for something. And even though it’s in a minority, by arguing and making its case in a principled and effective way, it can move the debate in its direction.”

    Unfortunately, Abbott is no Thatcher.

  2. optimol says:

    1/3 still votes for those murderers.

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