Needle in a haystack

 …from the quill of Antisthenes the Younger

Even Blind Freddie and some Australian journalists can see that the World’s Best Treasure(r) Wayne Swan had abandoned looking for that “no ifs, no buts” surplus, and now he is just looking for excuses and money, any money anywhere, paper, computer blips, anything. It is like that proverbial looking for a needle in a haystack, though in early times the saying actually was “…looking in a bottle of hay”; ‘bottle’ being a diminutive of the French ‘botte’, a bundle. It almost tempts one to joke whether after the election Labor apparatchiks will look for something, perhaps salvation, in a wine bottle, especially French. They, if nobody else, will be able to afford it. [Andrew Bolt – Sinking Labor offers rats extra taxpayer funded cheese]

 In looking for excuses comrade Swan is aided and abetted by the Labor party propaganda channel ABC and a vast majority of the mainstream media, so that is relatively easy. By now money, real money are impossible to find, but thoroughly politicised public service will instead come up with some extra-creative and impenetrable accounting to pacify the gaggle of willing financial journalists.

As any practical man knows the best way to find a needle in a haystack is to burn it down and then sift the ashes. Gillard/Swan are burning the economy haystack and Abbott will get covered in the soot while sifting. I guess he will not find much of value. The heat makes needles too soft to be of any use and the investors, once burned, get hard.

The Labor cabinet could be called The Twilights of 2013 though they can’t sing, can’t dance, can’t walk the talk and don’t remember the lyrics. The Twilights of 1966 are much better:

About Antisthenes

A Greek philosopher, a pupil of Socrates. Led a revolt, with Diogenes, against the demands of the city-state and the sophistication of life. Accepted the interrelation of knowledge, virtue, and happiness; and sought the ideal condition for happiness in return to primitivism and self-sufficiency. Rejected all social distinctions as based on convention, scorned orthodox religion as a fabrication of lies, and studied early legends and animal life in order to arrive at a true understanding of natural law. The individual was free and self-sufficient when he was master of his passions, secure in his intelligence, impervious to social or religious demands, and satisfied with the poverty of a mendicant. Needless to say, a person who on the Fog of Chaos adopted the Athenian philosopher's name has nothing whatsoever in common with him.
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3 Responses to Needle in a haystack

  1. Steve Pann says:

    Piers Akerman – ” Over the past three years, Gillard and Swan made the surplus an article of faith with their pledges and promises to bring the budget into the black.

    Here is a sampling of Gillard’s embarrassing remarks: “The budget will be back in surplus in 2013 if I’m re-elected, if my government is re-elected on Saturday … the budget is coming back to surplus, no ifs no buts, it will happen.” August 17, 2010.

    “Failure is not an option here and we won’t fail.” August 18, 2010.

    “My commitment to a surplus in 2012-13 was a promise made and it will be honoured.” April 13, 2011.

    “We saved jobs, stayed out of recession and got back to surplus.” July 4, 2011.

    Totally false, of course, as was her July 24, 2011, claim: “So, we’ve got a good track record of making the hard decisions to find savings to get the budget to add up, we’ll do it again and the budget will come to surplus in 2012-13, exactly as promised.”

  2. Nikodemus says:

    Dishonesty, thou name is Labor!

  3. gascan says:

    Thank for very good work!

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