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3rd May, 1929 : The mass attacks on police in Berlin, launched by Communist demonstrators on May Day last Wednesday, have now lasted three days and show no sign of abating. Nine people were killed yesterday, bringing the total of known dead to fifteen. A curfew is in force and police have been ordered to shoot on sight anyone seen on the streets after dark. Whether or not the Communists are acting under the orders from Moscow, as is popularly assumed, they may well feel that they can exploit the present situation in the country. The world slump has hit Germany very hard. Unemployment is soaring and the Government does not have a stable majority in the Reichstag.

[Today’s Germany is again a house of cards, anxiously awaiting a knock from one of the Southern welfare economies. One can only hope the Germans will not elect the previous option, though, admittedly, it did work for a while.]

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