…from the quill of Antisthenes the Younger


 The singer looks like that infamous politician’s wife but then they all look same to me in my old age. It is actually Little Eva, not Big Michelle. But the lyrics of Locomotion would resonate:

 Now that you can do it, let’s make a chain, now…

 Do it nice and easy, now, don’t lose control…

 One can imagine her advising the President in those words.

TIME magazine of 4th March, 2013 in its The Culture section writes about her haircut. Yes, I know. That’s what passes for culture today. First “Lady” of America said: “I couldn’t get a sports car, they won’t let me bungee jump, so instead I cut my bangs.”

Americans today get so few bangs for so many bucks. September 2012 article: Taxpayers spent $1.4 billion on Obama’s family last year.


No locomotion or Ferrari-motion, no rubber band – thus scissors. Almost an austerity measure.


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    A good one – I must say Bravo!

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