may memories / 17


17th May, 1951 : British and Australian troops have thrown back a mass attack on their lines by bugle-blowing Chinese infantry, south of Chunchon. After being battered by tanks and artillery, the Chinese withdraw, leaving 400 dead on the moonlit battlefield. The attack was part of a general offensive which is still in its earliest stages. So far the Chinese have not shown the “win all, lose all” determination of their attacks last month, in which the Gloucesters, under Lieutenant-Colonel Carne behaved with such gallantry. Details are still emerging of their stand at the Imjin River against overwhelming odds. One man, “Big Bill” Speakman, running out of ammunition, threw rocks and beer cans at the Chinese.

[Nothing much changed since. Chinese are still advancing and Australians still are throwing rocks (iron ore, uranium ore, bauxite and coal lumps) and beer cans and wine and wheat to no avail.]

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2 Responses to may memories / 17

  1. Replicator says:

    China is waiting for opportunity, and then it will be those buggles again.

  2. Kim Sun says:

    Thank you for the good reminder. Chinese communists must take most of the blame for the last Korean war.

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