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29th May, 1972 : President Nixon and Mr Leonid Brezhnev, the Soviet Communist Party leader, today acknowledges their major differences, but agreed to do their utmost to avoid military confrontations. At the end of a week-long summit in Moscow two men signed s document on the basis principles of relations aimed at reducing the danger of a nuclear war. The talks emphasised the difference between Moscow and Washington on several major international issues, but there was some agreement on the idea of “reciprocal reductions” in the strength of the NATO and Warsaw Pact forces in Central Europe. Mr Nixon, who was making the first visit to Moscow by an American President, said in a television address to the Soviet people, for whom he had ‘great respect’, that if the arms race went unchecked there would be no winners. On the way home, Mr Nixon will visit Poland.

[Try as I might, I could not find any picture of Nixon bowing to Brezhnev.]

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