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30th May, 1982 : British troops yesterday claimed victory in the first land battle of the Falklands War, just over one week after Marines and paratroopers stormed ashore at San Carlos. Seventeen paratroopers died in the attack on Goose Green, including their commanding officer, but the victory will come as a welcome respite after sustained Argentine air attacks. Two Royal Navy ships, Ardent and Antelope, were sunk by low-flying aircraft in what the soldiers are calling “bomb alley”. British sources claim that as many as 23 Argentine planes have been shot down, but the beach-head has been established. So far, there has been no counter-attack by Argentine land forces, and the troop ships, including the requisitioned liner Canberra, have been able to discharge the British forces. The landing on the Falklands was crucial to the success of the British military campaign.

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