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31st May, 1955 : Nikita Khruschev and President Tito have brought to an end the bitter antagonism that arose between their two countries during the Stalin era. A communique issued at the end of the Soviet visit to Yugoslavia concedes there are “different roads to Socialism”. Khruschev offered what he took to be a handsome apology for past Soviet policy towards Yugoslavia, but his hosts were not completely convinced.

[One day an imperialist snake, the next day brother-in-arms. Our comrades went to the same school – one day, according to comrade Swan (WGT), comrade Rudd is “putting his own self-interest ahead of the interest of the broader Labour movement and the country as whole” and next day he swears allegiance to Rudd should he happened to lead Australian Labor Party again. (Take no notice of that “country as a whole” bit. Labor betrayed Australia long time ago)]

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