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6th June, 1942 : Decked out in his Obergruppenfuhrer’s uniform, Reinhard Heydrich, the Hangman of Europe and architect of the Final Solution, regularly rode around Prague in a sports car without a police motorcycle escort. He believed the Czech people admired their Nazi Protector of Bohemia. One morning last month, driving to his offices in the ancient Hradčany Castle, he slowed his car at the approach to a bridge. The next moment the car was blown to pieces by a bomb and Heydrich was lying in the road with a broken spine. A few hours later Himmler flew in with a team of doctors, but Heydrich’s wounds turned gangrenous. As death approached, Himmler plotted retribution.

This morning, trucks of German security police surrounded a small village outside Prague. All the males, 199 men and boys, were shot, 195 women were taken to Ravensbruck concentration camp, and 90 children were sent to another concentration camp. The village of Lidice was then razed to the ground.

[This old newspaper item contains many inacurracies]

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