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27th June, 1905 :Mutinous sailors have seized the Potemkin, Russia’s most powerful battleship in the Black Sea, thrown her officers overboard and raised the red flag. Reports from Odessa, where the ship is anchored off-shore, described the city as being gripped by a general strike with shooting and bomb explosions. The trouble on the Potemkin started when a sailor complained about bad food being served to the crew. He was shot by the first lieutenant. With that, the crew mutinied. Inflamed by speeches and shouts of ‘liberty, liberty’, they threw the commander and several officers overboard. Eight officers joined the mutiny. The crew of two torpedo boats were also said to have sided with the sailors. A steamer laden with coal was seized and the fuel transferred to the Potemkin. The news caused alarm in Odessa where the authorities were trying to cope with street rioters under the shadow of the guns of a battleship. The main squadron of Russia’s Black Sea fleet is expected to engage the Potemkin soon.

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