Send in the clowns

…from the quill of Antisthenes the Younger


 In United they stand I wrote: “…prescient Ms Gillard managed to sell her real estate in Canberra in October last year.” Either she was prescient, or the pressing need to cash up to cover legal expenses for her forthcoming criminal matters made her do it. Her partner Tim also had seen the writing on the wall – Down by the riverside.

 The cosmetic and gender change at the top of that dysfunctional party does not affect the Australian citizen in any meaningful sense. From Kevin & Julia divorce:

 “Australian journalists, by now totally and permanently disconnected from the concerns, hopes and anxieties of the Australian public, expect us, the citizens, to be interested in the two aging, impotent cockerels fighting for the right to stand on the top of the heap of manure and preside over a flock of non-laying, disoriented but self-importantly clucking chooks. The cockerels, hens and everybody else but the journalists know that the position on the top of the heap is transient, because (unless the elections are abolished) sooner or later a farmer comes with a hatchet. In the meantime the fey fabian fowl, full of the socialist media hormones, with brains to match, hope that the farmer has short enough memory to allow them to get through one more chicken pot/election cycle.”


However, there are some amusing aspects of the farce. One is the betrayal of the gender warrior Julia by her fellow Amazons. When the going gets tough.. you are on your own, sister. If Ms Gillard expected any loyalty or, God forbid, principles from them, then she is even more naïve than she claims in her defence of her association with union fraudsters. Any misogynist or a reasonably intelligent human being could have told her that.


 The second joke is that “A Blue Tie” Rudd cobbled together a Government with more women in it than Julia ever managed. The Quota Queens struck gold, albeit a fools’ one. That the universally despised and loathed Rudd has not entirely lost his sense of humour is nicely shown by his statement: I am a guy who believes in meritocracy. When you find people of merit, whether they are women or men, they should be promoted. None of you could stand here and say that strong, capable, competent women like Julie Collins from Tasmania, like Catherine King from Ballarat, like Jacinta Collins from Melbourne, would not be there on their merits.“


We don’t have to waste time on proven harpies Plibersek and Wong, whose lack of manners and sense of proportions, not to mention rudeness would not be surpassed even by the former Labor leader Paul “Foul-Mouth” Keating. Let’s look instead on those “capable, competent” women, hitherto unknown in any but Labor Life-at-the-Public-Trough circles.

 Jacinta Mary Ann Collins (born in Melbourne 4 September 1962), is a member of the Australian Senate. She was educated at Monash University and La Trobe University, and was Social Welfare Officer and Research Officer and then National Industrial Officer with the Shop, Distributive and Allied Employees’ Association before entering politics.

 Catherine King was first elected to Federal Parliament in 2001 to represent the electorate of Ballarat. She holds a Degree in Social Work and a Masters in Public Policy from the Australian National University, worked in the social welfare sector in Ballarat and later in the public sector as an assistant director for the Commonwealth Department of Health and Aged Care and then as a director.  Prior to entering Parliament she was a senior manager at KPMG Consulting.

 Julie Maree Collins (born in Hobart 3 July 1971), is a member of the Australian House of Representatives representing the seat of Franklin since the 2007 federal election. Between 2006 and 2007 she was State Secretary of the Tasmanian Labor Party. No other occupation is listed.

Of the above three only one, Catherine King, can claim any experience in a private sector, though many are of the opinion that KPMG is just an overblown global bureaucracy. The rest of the femalles in the hot-of-the-press, non-misogynist Rudd governmment cannot claim any real life experience either:

Kate Ellis a research officer for state and federal parliamentarians, a ministerial adviser.

 Jan McLucas – a teacher

 Sharon Bird – a TAFE teacher, an electorate officer, a Senior Project Officer with the New South Wales Department of Juvenile Justice.

 Melissa Parke – a lawyer

 Kate Alexandra Lundy – a trade union representative


So that is the best the Australian socialist womanhood can muster and Rudd can drag into a fawning media limelight. Where are the clowns? Don’t bother – they’re here. For the time being Rudd enjoys the support of the coven of unprincipled careerists, who will betray him as soon as they get a better offer. It is by no means certain that he will lead Labor to the elections.

 In one of my rare benign and jocular moods I referred to our politicians as clowns – Fog of Chaos: Circus is back in town. I was wrong, of course. Clowns don’t do any harm – politicians do. Still, one cannot take them too seriously, for they are the reflection of our stupidity – we vote for them – and the realisation of that unavoidable fact is very depressing. Better just joke about it.

 Send in the clowns. Imagine Julia Gillard as Elizabeth Taylor singing to Kevin:

Isn’t it rich?
Are we a pair?
Me here at last on the ground,
You in mid-air.
Send in the clowns.

Isn’t it bliss?
Don’t you approve?
One who keeps tearing around,
One who can’t move.
Where are the clowns?
Send in the clowns.

Just when I’d stopped
Opening doors,
Finally knowing
The one that I wanted was yours,
Making my entrance again
With my usual flair,
Sure of my lines,
No one is there.

Don’t you love farce?
My fault, I fear.
I thought that you’d want what I want –
Sorry, my dear.
But where are the clowns?
There ought to be clowns.
Quick, send in the clowns.

What a surprise.
Who could foresee
I’d come to feel about you
What you’d felt about me?
Why only now when I see
That you’d drifted away?
What a surprise.
What a cliché.

Isn’t it rich?
Isn’t it queer?
Losing my timing this late
In my career?
And where are the clowns?
Quick, send in the clowns.
Don’t bother – they’re here.

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4 Responses to Send in the clowns

  1. Kevlar Stephen says:

    On Bolt’s blog: Leadership adviser Graham Winter is a three-time chief psychologist for the Australian Olympic team:

    The second thing that Rudd can’t change is temperament. It would be unfair to deeply analyse this in the media, however you be the judge of how many of six common signs of narcissistic leadership could apply to our Prime Minister:

    – Prone to grandiose visions and to over-estimating their own capabilities (remember “the greatest moral challenge of our time”).

    – Hyper-sensitive to criticism and liable to fly into anger (be careful when serving him on a plane).

    – Pursue power at all costs leading to infighting and suspicion which ultimately brings them down (enough said).

    – Easily bored, change course often (swing to the left, swing to the right on boats).

    – Lack empathy and trust but say the socially acceptable thing when in public (Is there a better example than saying he won’t accept anyone criticising former PM Gillard).

    – Gather only those who agree around them (was that eight cabinet ministers who have gone?)

    Pressure exposes default behaviours and tends to amplify strengths until they become weaknesses. If even half of these narcissistic characteristics apply to PM Rudd then he’d best call the election as early as possible.

  2. Trevor III says:

    Antisthenes, it’s depressing, not funny. They (ALP) degrade democracy and destroy Australia. What is there to joke about?

  3. D. Mosser says:

    They rely on the voters’ short memories and overall stupidity, and they are right.

  4. Aspihalt says:

    Very sad. What is the world coming to?

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