Rise of the Racial Police

Milan Skarka

When campaigning in 2007, Obama promised a post-racial society and all such ills to be healed just by his election to the highest office in the land. After he was elected in 2008 the euphoric vigils and good feelings in general were spreading amongst the uninformed voters. We won and life will be wonderful! Unfortunately, these feelings prevailed throughout his first presidential term and he was reelected in 2012 election. Well, so much for the good feelings.

  After the five year-rein of Obama regime economy is still in the doldrums, insane spending continues, currency is being debased at the alarming rate and many institutions of this great Republic have been weakened to the point of becoming irrelevant. Political correctness rules the day. Nothing is too radical to pass for a thousand-page bill law/regulation to “improve” people’s live. Of course, all such bills are incomprehensible, loaded with pork and unsustainable. Some call it “full employment for lawyers” act. More people are on food stamps then actually working. Disability welfare skyrocketed and about nine million jobs disappeared since Obama took office. Since American main journalism really died with Obama’s election, it is left up to the internet bloggers and cable broadcasters to spread the bad news. Thankless job to be sure.

  When Mr. Holder was appointed by Obama to become our Attorney General, things went from bad to worse. Holder’s checkered history of radical left agenda aside, one of his first proclamations upon assuming his office: “Americans are cowards in discussing race issues” raised some eyebrows and went by essentially unopposed and unchallenged. His policy of not pursuing black minorities for various crimes politicized Justice Department to the point that several career officials in the Justice Department elected to resign in protest. Well, this was only the beginning. In the latest example, the racial pimps such as Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson with tacit approval of the Justice Department activated their troops and used the Zimmerman’s trial in Florida to gin up all the racial hate. Never mind the facts and statistics. Anyone saying anything opposite to their espoused views was marked a racist and his/her character trampled into a dust. Our so-called government was a willing accomplice to this travesty. So, the racial debate is raging on at full swing now. The useful idiots are chiming in with their emotions and feelings not releasing that they will be first to go if the Saul Alinsky (*) ‘troops’ take over completely. It became obvious that conservatives and anybody disagreeing with their agenda were not really invited to this racial debate. They are to suffer indignity of constantly being accused of racism, homophobia, starving children, women and old folks, etc…etc…etc.

  Just like in the Taliban countries, the race charlatans are getting constant exposure by the “main drive-by media” and it is getting ugly. They call for riots? It’s OK-they need to vent their frustrations. They call their opponents racist? They have the right and it suits the liberal agenda to neutralize conservatives. It is a hideous weapon that radicals on the left are wielding these days. Many prominent conservatives are kowtowing to this and any reasonable debate is stifled as a result. However, there is some indication that the main population is getting tired of this kind of activism and may be turning against the regime pushing such atrocious provocations. This includes people from across the political spectrum. The racial relations are really not as bad as these racial radicals are portraying. Many of them [pimps] make living hyping anything that smacks of racial discourse. Many if not all have a very checkered pass and all they have left is a racial politics. Detroit’s bankruptcy unfortunately, maybe the latest example of how far such racial politics can go. In his book Devil’s Night: And Other True Tales of Detroit, author Zev Chafets lays the main reason for the demise of Detroit at the feet of racial politics practiced by Black Separatist leaders such as Coleman Young, the Mayor of Detroit (1974-1994). This is in addition to Democrat socialists, unionists and other typical ills on the left.

  Can this rise of the racial police and resulting consequences also indicate its fall? One can only hope. (dum spiro, spero)

  * Saul Alinsky, Obama’s mentor, quintessential American Marxist, author of Rules for Radicals and other subversive theories.


 Obama-teaching the Marxist Philosophy of Saul Alinsky at a Chicago College

 From our Washington corespondent


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