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3rd August, 1907 : The evils of smoking and chewing tobacco, the latter a popular pastime in the United States, were attacked at the annual meeting of the British Medical Association in Exeter yesterday. Dr Herbert Tidswell, a GP from Torquay, singled out what he called the poisonous habit of smoking among Britain’s children for particular concern. Claiming that the nation was deteriorating because of smoking, Dr Tidswell said every boy and girl should be encouraged to sign a pledge never to take up the habit. The difficulty of giving up smoking was so great that it was foolish to start. Dangers of smoking, according to Dr Tidswell, include the likelihood of contracting cancer of tongue and lip. But other doctors argued that no clear case had been put forward against the moderate use of tobacco.

Concern has been expressed in some parts of Australia that too many schoolchildren are smoking. The Victorian Health Minister has received a report that even some school girls have acquired the distasteful habit.

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