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5th August, 1948 : Two US Congressional committees have begun inquiring into allegations that over 30 US officials belong to a Communist spy ring, in what promises to be one of the biggest witch-hunts of all time. President Truman denounced it as a “red herring”, designed to divert attention from his efforts to push anti-inflation laws through the Republican-controlled Congress. Before the House Un-American Activities Committee, Whittaker Chambers, a self-confessed spy and now an editor of Time, will be accusing a State Department official, Alger Hiss, of having given him secret Government papers in 1930s. Today Louis Budenz, a former editor of the Daily Worker, told the Senate Investigating Committee the US Communist Party is “the fifth column of Russia” committed to the destruction of the American republic. He has renounced Communism for Roman Catholicism. The investigations follow the allegations made by Miss Elizabeth Bentley – another self-confessed Communist agent.

[To this day the Left talks of persecution and paranoia. However, by and large, Senator Joe McCarthy, despite his many faults and exaggerations, was proven right by the KGB documents, released during the pre-Putin era.]

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