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7th August, 1976 : John Stonehouse – a man once tipped as a future leader of the Labour Party – was in a police cell tonight, branded as a forger, thief and liar. The former Minister is beginning a seven-year sentence for fraud. Stonehouse, who organised an elaborate “disappearance”, leaving his clothes on a Miami beach before turning up in Australia under an assumed name and carrying a false passport, has been found guilty on 19 counts. His mistress, Sheila Buckley, who had helped him [he had his chance], was freed with a two-year suspended sentence. The judge told Stonehouse: “You falsely accused other people of cant, hypocrisy and humbug, when you must have know all the time your defence was embodiement of all those things”.

[Ex-Labor Prime Minister Gillard denies any wrongdoing and accuses other people of misogyny.]

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